Friday, October 06, 2006

Top that, chef

I thought I'd share a couple screenshots of lesbian contestant Josie Smith-Malave and her "better half" Caitlin from the season two premiere of Top Chef. The Brooklyn resident was open about her girlfriend in her audition tape, so producers are clearly aware of her sexuality. Let's see how/if it shows up during the season. Top Chef premieres Oct. 18 on Bravo. Above, Josie channeling her inner Elvis. Below, her amused girlfriend. Bon appetit.

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MiamiFeet said...

I am so amazed that Josie is going to be on Top Chef. Josie and I went to junior high school together in North Miami. As soon as I saw her face on the Top Chef commercial, I knew exactly who she was.

And she's a lesbian, who knew!!

Love it!