Monday, October 30, 2006

30 Rocks the lesbians

Wow, I’ve had 14 solid days of not being bombarded by what Paris Hilton is drinking/smoking/flashing, Nicole Richie is not eating and Kevin Federline is doing to fill each hour of each unemployed day. Bliss. Now, it’s back to the salt mines. Seems I missed a few lesbian-friendly tidbits while I was away.

Of these development, the lesbionic "30 Rock" episode was the most entertaining. Not only was it very funny, it was also very positive. No bisexual ice-pick wielding murderers or tired pregnancy storylines in sight. You can stream the whole episode on NBC now (up until Wednesday). Skip to Part Three if you must, but do yourself a favor watch the whole thing. You'll wish you had a “brilliant plastics engineer slash lesbian” of your own.

UPDATE: I wanted to add a couple pictures from the episode, since it is no longer up at NBC, for your viewing pleasure.

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