Tuesday, August 19, 2014

K-Stew Strong

Maybe Kristen Stewart is your thing, maybe she isn’t. Maybe prisoner detainees of war movies are your thing, maybe they aren’t. But I do know that Kristen Stewart in military fatigues is something relevant to most lesbian interests. So I post this as a public service to my people’s. As Demi Moore and her shaved head were a sexual awakening to many a burgeoning 1990s gay lady, so may K-Stew and her gunny cap be to 2010s kids. Be all that you can be, K-Stew.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Oh wow
I have to admit I have a thing for K-Stew. This is second only to her Joan Jett look
Thanks DS!

maya said...

I want to see.

Helena said...

Thanks for always keeping us in the loop , I have to see this because of K-Stew !

Renata said...

I only understood the Demi Moore reference because I watched G.I. Jane for the first time yesterday. And today I entered your blog to look for new stuff to watch (many series a watched and loved is thanks to you) and here it was, a reference to the movie XD