Friday, June 21, 2024

My Weekend Crush

I’m just so happy for Jodie Foster these days. Not that I wasn’t happy for her a decade, two decades ago. But the joy and clarity with which she conducts her life and career right now is truly a pleasure to witness. She’s happily married. She’s creatively fulfilled. She’s overwhelmingly respected. And, for someone who has been notoriously protective (and rightfully so, hello, Hinckley) she is speaking out now more than ever. It’s just wonderful to see. Recently she has been using her platform to call out sexist tropes she sees in (let’s be honest, mostly male) screenwriting. And even more recently she has taken to the stage to protect reproductive rights. As I was saying, go Jodie, go! Happy prideful weekend, all.

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Carmen San Diego said...

Is Jodie your most frequent weekend crush?