Thursday, January 07, 2021

She's Got Grace

When Ann Reinking died last month, one of the many irreplaceable greats to leave us in that oh-so monstrous of years, it brought back some very specific childhood memories. While I’ve always liked (if not loved) musicals, I’m by no means a theater buff. But I certainly knew Ann. And I knew Ann because of “Annie.” That musical was 100% in my wheelhouse as a kid. I listened to that soundtrack on endless repeat. And I’m sure I watched the movie every time it aired on TV. My poor parents.

One of the things I loved most about Annie was Ann Reinking as Grace Farrell, Daddy Warbucks’s impossibly elegant and beautiful personal assistant. Now I was young when I got into Annie, and had no idea about my sexuality at that age. But I knew there was something about her. I loved her Grace. She was so stylish and danced like a dream. I mean, any lady who rescues an orphan and her dog is automatic queer woman bait.

Looking back, clearly, her portrayal of Grace appears to have been an unrealized root of sorts. It is definitely one of the reasons I love women in suits. This grey suit with its matching tie and smart hat? Come on!

So, here’s a belated tribute to Ann, whose resume of course was packed with greatness well beyond her “Annie” role (actors, dancer, choreographer, Tony winner and all that jazz, ahem). We got Ann, and it was a thing of beauty to watch. Thank you for making an indelible impression on my young gay heart.


Helena said...

Thank you for this tribute to someone who brought a lot of joy .The first English movie that I watched was The Sound of Music - so musicals brings back happy memories.

Carmen San Diego said...

Beautiful tribute
I rented Annie at the video store so many times my uncle complained