Tuesday, January 19, 2021

24. Hours. To. Go.

24 hours to go. Hold on. Almost there. Almost. There.


Carmen San Diego said...

Laaaaaast day

Nici75 said...

To all the Sane Americans who read this:

THANK YOU for dumping the orange oaf, aka President Seditious Schmuck. You're not the only ones looking forward to a Biden presidency: most of the rest of us on this little blue marble are, too.

And don't worry too much about those damnfool cosplaytriots who "stormed" your Capitol. As is already evident, the fascist know-nothing brigades really don't like it when other people have guns, too (hence their failing to show up at all those planned rallies). Sorry, though, that it came to that.

Then again, a reckoning was needed. Go read a history book or ten about post-WW2 Germany. *That* is the what your homegrown terrorists are going through now.

History repeats itself: haters always lose. Good people might have to strive and struggle, but if those good people are willing, they WIN.

You WON, Sane Americans. Congratulations.