Thursday, January 21, 2021

A New America

We did it, Joe. We did it. The Age of Trump is over, finally. Today is the first morning in four years we, as Americans, can wake up without the looming dread of whatever fresh hell one morally corrupt man could unleash on us and the world. He is not president anymore. May he never be allowed to hold public office ever again, and may his monstrous failure follow him the rest of his days.

And now, we turn our attention to the work ahead. Even the most rosy-eyed Biden supporter wouldn’t say everything is fine now. We have so much work to do, clearly. But I do believe President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are willing to put in that work.

But yesterday wasn’t about that. (Even though President Biden signed 17 executive orders that started us on the absolute right path.) Yesterday was about removing the orange stain that has been on our country, and rejoicing that people who actually care about the American people are back in charge.

Through these long, horrible four years the act of joy for marginalized groups has been in and of itself an act of resistance. Yesterday was a day for joy. A day for change. A day for history. And, yes, even a day for some fun.

So let’s enjoy the little things. Like how good all the women at the inauguration looked stunning in their jewel tones. And how great it felt to see history happening before our very eyes. A very good thing happened yesterday, and we should all take a moment to relax our shoulders and unclench our jaws. Yeah, we got shit to do. But I for one slept a whole lot better last night.

So, here is an assemblage of largely unimportant, but totally fun – because remember fun? – observations that I had about the inauguration.

1. When Kamala Harris/Straight Bette Porter is Vice President, we shall wear purple.

2. Hillary Clinton looked amazing and happy and that alone makes it a pretty good day in America.

3. Michelle Obama looked... Well, you have eyes. Use them to enjoy.

4. I look forward to an administration where the biggest scandal is whether Lady Gaga went too Hunger Games with her outfit.

5. Having Madam Vice President’s young great-nieces be part of the ceremony was wonderful. I am so tired of moronic Large Adult Sons vying for their father’s nonexistent love. Bring on the future.

6. Yes, after all the official ceremonies were over, you were not alone in “researching” Ella Emhoff and Maisy Biden. Respectfully, obviously. Always respectfully.

7. The President’s daughter Ashley Biden was blatantly pandering to get into Gender Fuck Thursday. Guess what, pandering works!

8. This is so simple, but it’s just so damn nice to see two people in the White House who love each other again. And, you know, also give a damn about their fellow Americans who aren’t billionaires of convicted tax frauds. These are decent people, and may we begin to be a decent country.

So, what were your favorite moments? Sure, it was weird when an ageless J-Lo asking the purposely small assemblage of elderly lawmakers, family and dignitaries to “Get loud!” And, don’t worry, we’ll talk more about Amanda Gorman later.

Hope you had a happy Joe Biden is President and Kamala Harris is Vice President Day, kittens. We have endured four years of constant horror. We survived, while 400,000 did not. Now, let’s roll up our sleeves. We’ve got an America to fix.


Erin O'Riordan said...

There's still SO much work left to do, but at least the horse is finally out of the hospital.

Lydia said...

I'm relieved, too. Now to start working to fix things, eh?

MizMarple said...

Still a long, dark journey ahead. But the thing that makes EVERY difference - the thing that turns despair into hope
exhaustion into resolve
helplessness into agency
is hope. There’s a light cutting through the fog this morning. So grateful to be an American today.