Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Goodnight, Sweet Dolores

Like many of you, the Cranberries were the soundtrack to a very specific time of my life. A time filled with intense change and emotion, love and heartbreak. You know, the usual. But through it all Dolores O’Riordan’s voice, this beautiful, powerful, haunting, unmistakable, unforgettable wail. Gosh, how I’ll miss that wail. We all will. Rest in peace, sweet Dolores. Thanks for the music.


Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Yeah, she was one of my favourites and I got to see and hear her play a gig with 'Wolfmother' and Lenny Kravitz in my hometown of Brisbane back in 2012 on my younger brother's birthday (not that he was there).
It was like hearing of the death of an old friend when I heard Dolores had passed away.
By all rights she should have outlived me, which is why the news is such a shock to me.
I don't have many good pictures of the night I saw The Cranberries, but I did include a grainy shot I took on my old 2 meg Ericsson cell phone camera of the night in this post I wrote this morning -


It was good to share a night of fun with her and the band in the same place and point of time in all of our lives when you could tell that she was happy, as was most people there that night.

Erin O'Riordan said...

Yeah, very sad. I'll think of her every time I hear the word "Linger."

(No relation, btw.)

tlsintx said...


Carmen SanDiego said...

It was like hearing about the death of an old school friend that you don't talk to anymore but still have affection for...

thelivingroad said...

There are musicians that help us build ourselves and live. The Cranberries and Dolores music played a lot in my room, in my house, in my life, in me. It made me feel less alone, more belonging and even more me, while growing up. It did again, even as an adult. Saw them several times, in concert. But I do not forget how, in 2010 – a dark time for me – they made me feel (again) joy, belonging and light. For all this, I am really really sad. Feeling like I’ve lost a friend or a part of myself. Also for all this, I’ll be always thankful. Thank you very much, dear Dolores.