Monday, January 15, 2018

Flame On

Welcome to your Monday. May you all enter this week with the kind of ferocity as Sigourney Weaver test firing a flamethrower for the filming of “Alien.”

p.s. Also, this means every time you see Ripley wielding a flamethrower in “Alien,” that fucker is the real fucking deal. Have a badass week, all.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Oh wow. Flame on, Ripley!
Have a great week DS

AK ALASKA said...

She always did Light My Fire!

Cathy said...

OK,the words "bad ass" and "light my fire" cannot appear on the same page without arousing my profound wonderment at why a certain LGBTQ ally and martial artist - badass in real life as well as fiction, it seems - has not yet appeared in my favorite blog. Her name is Caity Lotz. (YouTube, Google and Wikipedia your heart out!) Ripley used a flame-thrower; Lance - Lotz's character, Sara Lance- uses a, er, lance; and you don't want to be in the way of Korean stick fighting - period - especially if a steel rod is being used, even if by someone who bears a strong resemblance to Sharon Stone, except that Stone does not have the chin dimple Gaaahh that drives me to distraction and never wore a white, leather jump suit... Okay, as DS would say, I'm retiring to my bunk now. P.S. You can thank me later for: