Friday, November 18, 2016

My Weekend crush

My God, I’m so tired and he isn’t even president yet. One of the things we’re going to have to constantly remind ourselves in these next interminable four fucking years is to take joy where we can find it. Without enjoying whatever happinesses life gives us, we won’t be able to sustain ourselves through this terrible fight.

It’s also important to note that taking the time for joy does not mean complacency. It does not mean we’re not angry. It means self care and self preservation are part of this struggle.

So this weekend I’m taking a moment to enjoy the simple pleasure of “Supergirl” and Alex Danvers’ coming out story. Now, I don’t know about you but I tagged Alex as one of us from the beginning. There was just something about the way she wore her combat gear. You know – the swagger.

I was, of course, thrilled when the show introduced out-and-proud Maggie Sawyer. We’re talking swagger, squared. But what they’ve done with Alex in particular has been surprisingly nuanced and unexpectedly powerful. Granted, coming out storylines are some of the most overused in Hollywood . But that doesn’t diminish their impact when done right.

This later-in-life realization by the elder Danvers sister no doubt mirrors many of your own experiences. There’s that click – no matter what age – when you realize why you’ve always felt so different for so long. Why things were never quite right before. Why all of a sudden it makes sense.

Kuddos go to Chyler Leigh who has played this part letter perfect. Same goes for how crushed she felt when the object of her affection turns her down. The way she crumpled, damn, we’ve all been there. (Also, WTF, Maggie. Girl, you’ve been giving Alex major flirt face since you met. Don’t even deny it.)

Look, I’m as wary of any new auxiliary lesbian or bisexual character added in to existing TV shows as the next person. We’ve buried way too many gays. And, this being the CW, I can’t say there’s a stellar track record at work here.

But if the writers resist the trope, realize the damage it has wrought, perhaps this show has a chance to make a difference. Supergirl may wear the cape, but Alex could be the hero we’ve been waiting for all along. Happy weekend, all.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Well, guess a Supergirl marathon is in my future... We need as many gay ladies as we can get
Greys Anatomy added one too, who's flirting with Arizona

Anonymous said... is CHYLER Leigh, not Chrysler, lol.

Ian Goldring said...

If I recall there's a fairly popular* fan theory that they're going to make Alex this TV universe's Batwoman.

*As in, it's getting a degree of traction in the Supergirl fandom. I'm uncertain as to whether more or fewer people actually like the concept.

Anonymous said...

Can we move past the election already? Leave it to the political sights. I didnt vote for Trump but the time to make our voices heard was November 9th. I think we have to stand behind our President now and see what kind of job he does. Thats the way America works. If you dont like it vote him out in 4 years.

Anonymous said...

I have never left a comment here but I must respond to the 3:19 entry. You must remain vigilant and you must not blindly follow. Trump is an autocrat. Please follow this expert.
Do not ever fail to question or resist. If we fail to continue to resist and ask questions, our democracy will end. There is nothing guaranteed about it--it requires us--the people--to ensure it continues. We must resist and educate everywhere. I appreciate the political aspects to this site because I am not confident that most people consume news from credible, reliable, diverse sources(NY Times, WSJ, The Nation, MSNBC, The National Review (I disagree often but it is important to be informed), the New Yorker, etc). Facebook is NOT news site--go to the original source. Support investigative journalism. Our lives may depend on it. If this site encourages you to think or follow-up--that is a vital to our hopefully continuing democracy. If we fail to exercise our 1st Amendment rights--we won't have them anymore.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 3:19's Dorothy's blog, she can speak about anything she wants, including the election, as much as she wants. As far as little donnie boy is concerned, he gets exactly the same support the repukicans have given to President Obama the last 8 years...EXACTLY ZERO. Every thing that goes wrong in the entire world for the next fours years is ALL LITTLE DONNIE T'S FAULT. We will point this out, loudly and stridently and without ceasing....just like the Repukicans have done. Don't like it? Feel free to find another blog or start your own. #NOTMYPRESIDENT

Jenna said...

Add me to the list of the politically weary. Im sick of hearing and reading about politics. Isnt there anything more uplifting? News flash: none of these people in office are going to change my life.

Sue Winter said...

Sure they will Jenna. We just don't know how yet but Trump will find a way to screw all of us.

Sue Winter said...

Sure they will Jenna. We just don't know how yet but Trump will find a way to screw all of us.