Thursday, November 03, 2016

Fly The H

Last night, the Cubs ended a 108-year drought. On Tuesday, women will end a 227-year drought. Look, it’s been a long, strange, insane, maddening, excruciating year. This election is a never-ending hellscape. I have no idea how much I should be panicking right now. But if the freaking Cubs can win the World Series, us ladies can at least give this whole winning the presidency the biggest, hardest swing possible on Nov. 8.

Congrats, Cubbies. Let’s win this thing. I’m with her.

p.s. And if anyone posts that damn photo of her in the Yankees cap, I swear. Yes, she is a lifelong Cubs fan. Also, you’ve never rooted for more than one team? And that photo was from a ceremony when the Yankees came to the White House after winning the World Series. No one ever mentions that Bill wore a damn Yankees cap, too.


Carmen SanDiego said...

2016 is the year for long droughts to end
Cubs win World Series
Leonardo DiCaprio wins an Oscar
A woman wins the US presidency

Carmen SanDiego said...

They should have let the Cubs visit the White House once Hillary takes over but Obama already took the initiative to invite them over before he leaves

Idgiepug said...

Whoooo, Cubbies!!! When I see the pictures you've posted, though, I get a little angry that in most of them, she's standing with deeply flawed yet still beloved men while she's had to endure more shit than all of them combined for daring to be woman with opinions. So, yeah, I'm thrilled (and exhausted) to be a Cubs fan today but still pissed off as a woman in this hellish election cycle.