Monday, November 14, 2016

My Monday Crush

This photo of Hillary Clinton on a quiet hike was the balm my soul needed last week. By now you probably already heard the story of how a woman went for a walk with her daughter in the woods and ran into Hillary and Bill doing the exact same thing with their dogs. Something about her smile here moved me in ways I cannot explain. It is so relaxed. It is so free. She seems so finally free.

Whatever you think of Hillary Clinton, she has been a tireless fighter. She has never given up and has never backed down. The presidency is not her last hurrah, I am sure of this. But it is, I think, the end of her pursuit of public acceptance. She no longer has to be The Hillary Clinton. The microscope, which has always dissected her life down to its smallest incremental elements, no longer matters.

I want to thank her for her 30 years of service to this country. I want to thank her for the inspiration she has been to women and girls. I want to thank her for taking the hits, so many fucking endless hits, and always getting back up. I want to thank her for doing her best. I thought she would be the one to finally prove women can be anything they dream of in this country. She was not. But someone will be. And they will have Hillary Clinton and Susan B. Anthony and Ida B. Wells and Bella Abzug and Shirley Chisholm and countless other tireless women to thank for making that glass ceiling that much easier to crack. I hope she enjoys the rest of her life. I know she will keep doing good. We should, too. Happy new week in our new world, all.

p.s. I am also mad at the press for not telling us how cute the Clinton’s dogs are.


Helena said...

Oh Dorothy you gave me a good start for the week. Thank you for this picture and the thank you to Hillary. And thank you for trying to keep us positive and fighting in this difficult world. Have a lovely week.

Carmen SanDiego said...

I wish Hillary all the happiness
Kate McKinnon as Hillary playing hallelujah on SNL this Saturday brought me to tears. It was a requiem for my idea of what I thought this country was.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, with tears in my eyes.
Yes, she looks very relaxed and she deserves it so much !!!