Friday, October 02, 2015

My Weekend Crush

So today is a momentous no matter how you look at it. First, it’s a Friday, and that’s always a good thing. And second it’s the day “Freeheld” opens. Granted, it’s only in Los Angeles and New York right now. But it will open across this great country later this month. A high-profile lesbian movie is reason to celebrate in and of itself, but a high-profile lesbian movie starring an out lesbian actress is quite another. So no matter how the film does and is received – and I hope it is very well on both points – we should celebrate this momentous step for our community. Congratulations, Ellen Page and Julianne Moore (who, after so many queer roles, is basically an honorary lesbian at this point). I can’t wait to see your movie. Happy weekend, all.


Carmen SanDiego said...

So looking forward to this
Will bring a whole box of Kleenex

Helena said...

Agree with Carmen will need a big box of tissues. I will have to wait as it only opens in my country in December.

Anonymous said...

What was their age difference in real life?