Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Trailer Watch: True & Dark

So late last week two new trailers for two new shows were released. One was for the second season of the anthological drama “True Detective” on HBO. The other was for the new graphic novel-based series “Dark Matter” on Syfy. They couldn’t be more different. One is sci-fi, one is crime drama. But each one of them interested me for only one reason and one reason alone. Can you guess the reasons for each? Yep, you guessed it. A lady being a badass.

Let’s start with “True Detective.” I didn’t watch the first season because I’d heard all about its celebration of white male misogyny and I just don’t have time to invest in that sort of bullshit, no matter how good the acting and beautiful the cinematography. I just So I wasn’t expecting much from the trailer and for 99.9 percent of it met my exact expectations. Grim-looking white guy. Grim-looking white guy. Grim-looking white guy. And then, all of a sudden, hellooooo, Rachel Mcadams.

Yes, sometimes all it takes is a badass-looking lady walking purposely with a gun in her hand to pique my interest.

So then let’s move to “Dark Matter.” This is based on a graphic novel and set on board a spacecraft where it passengers wake with no memory of their past lives. While the story sounds interesting enough, I really only care because Zoie Palmer. She plays the ship’s Android. So I watched the whole trailer playing “Where’s Zoie?” And then, BOOM. Fuck. Yeah.

Yes, sometimes all it takes is a badass-looking woman walking purposely with a lead pipe in her hand to pique my interest.

Is it shallow to reduce two trailers to their two most important screencaps? Maybe. But sometimes all you need is just that one frame. So, which seemed most promising to you? Admit it, all you cared about was Rachel and Zoie, too.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Yup. That's all I care about. You know me so well DS

Pat Cooper said...

While I like strong, badass-looking types, I've grown weary of the gun culture. Doesn't matter if it's the law or outlaws with guns - it's tiresome. I look at the TV screens at the gym and wonder ¨Why so much violence? Why this love of guns?¨

BUT - I never grow tired of reading your blog, your tweets, or your AE column. And yesterday's video? Great gift to share. Thanks!

TotallyNatS said...

I will definitely watch Dark Matter and maybe even give True Detective a try (the sole reason for that obviously being Rachel McAdams.

A couple of episodes of Dark Matter where directed by the lovely Amanda Tapping and I'm really excited to see the results of her ingenuity and Zoie Palmers infallible acting. Let's just hope the writing is good.

Anonymous said...

Fun fact: those 2 are friends and did the ice bucket challenge together.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would follow Zoie Palmer to space or the end of the world for that matter or Dark Matter. Thanks for the heads up on True Detective.Have to give a look though due to Rachel McAdams

Susie Gaskins said...

I became a huge fan of Zoie's after seeing her on Lost Girl and ever since then I've seen every TV and movie role of hers that I could find. She is an amazing actress and I can't wait to see her as the Android on Dark Matter!