Friday, April 17, 2015

My Weekend Crush

So “Orphan Black” is back and I am of course excited. For two seasons now it has been one of the most thrilling shows complete with one of the most exhilarating performances by an actress I’ve seen on TV. But here’s the thing, I’m really not really thrilled about Project Castor. The twist of male clones to me is kind of, well, disappointing. It’s not that I think they’ll do a bad job with the storyline. Or that I think they’ve picked a bad actor to portray the boy clones. But it’s just that from its start “Orphan Black” has been about the struggle for female agency. It’s about these women taking their lives back from the unseen forces attempting to monitor, control and modify them. It’s been about these women, these fascinating women. And now it’s about these women and these guys. Call me grumpy, but I don’t want to share.

Yet, I’m still open-minded. I love this show enough to trust they’ll do a good job with these new characters and do good by these women we know and love. Plus the promos, particularly the “You Don’t Own Me” nature of the campaign, highlights and magnifies the show’s central theme of agency. So I have faith they won’t squander the good thing they’ve got going with this story and their force of nature of a star. In Tatiana Maslany we trust. Happy “Orphan Black” weekend, all.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree. I thought that this would come up because there's no way there weren't any boy clones and if there were what why were they used.

Tristen said...

I loved season 1. I was disappointed in season 2 because ithe show seemed to go from a "realm of possibilities" type show into true science fiction. I stopped believing any of this could really happen. Sarah's character was a disappointment for me after having loved her character in season 1.

Not expecting much better from season 3.

Anonymous said...

I love this show too. They guy playing the male clones reminds me Joaquin Phoenix who is probably my fav actor so I'm interested in seeing what they do with him. Though I'm usually a fem slasher at heart, I kind of want the scar faced crazy dude clone and Helena to have a romantic connection. In a way I figure it gives Tatiana a little bit of a break so she can be more brilliant too.