Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Too Full to Fuck

While I know some of you (or maybe one – hard to tell) didn’t love the period humor (the body kind, not the grammar kind – wow I’m doing a lot of clarifying already) of professional funny lady Cameron Esposito, I thought I’d doubled down on the questionable humor. Though, while some may call it questionable, I call it true fucking life. Because a) ladies menstruate, b) ladies are sometimes too full to fuck. Hey, who hasn’t been there? Amirite, ladies? Also, the dessert stomach is a real fucking thing. Bon appetite this Hump Day, kittens.


Chatterley said...

Hahahha. My thoughts during Blue is The Warmest Colors, exactly. All that spaghetti.

QueerGirrl said...

Been there done that!