Friday, February 27, 2015

My Weekend Crush

True story. At first it was white and gold. And then it was blue and black. And for a brief second I could see the white and gold again. But then it was back to blue and black. So, long Internet story short, reality does not exist. Nothing matters. There is no spoon.

Might as well succumb to the glorious gloom that is April Ludgate. I will miss Aubrey Plaza’s glorious mix of Daria and Wednesday Addams immensely. She was always the one you could count on to shirk a hug and complain about the sunshine. Her brand of frightening yet loveable nihilism seems appropriate at a time when the entire world has no idea what damn color combination a dress has. I will miss you, April. You won’t miss me, and I totally accept that. Happy weekend, all.

p.s. Her dislike of Ann Perkins was as misguided as it was marvelous.


Carne said...

Thanks again for insisting about how great this show is until I finally gave it a chance, DS
You were right and I will miss it
Have a great weekend

Carmen SanDiego said...

Carmen, not carne, dammit