Monday, February 09, 2015

Music Monday

So, this is a true story. I was a big Tori fan in my formative years. Duh. Of course I was. I’ve been in love with her since “Little Earthquakes” because I am a human woman with emotions and feelings and ears. So, needless to say, Tori was on super heavy rotation back then.

Over the weekend, while reading about the 23rd anniversary special reissue of Tori’s “Little Earthquakes” (and “Under the Pink”), I pulled her up on my playlist for old time’s sake. Jesus Mary and that Joe guy was that album good. It’s still SO FUCKING GOOD. Every song on that album is perfect. Every song on that album plugs directly into, as the kids today say, my feels. Every song is a memory.

Which brings me back to my true story. So one of my friends got married while we were still in college. Bless her heart, she was the sweetest girl. But sometimes she didn’t always pay attention to the details. So she used “China” as her first dance song. Yes, I can feel the distance getting close-“China.”

I lost touch of Amy after college. And I hadn’t though about the girl who was an expert at passing out with a full can of beer in her hand and never spilling a drop in ages. But I wondered, after using “China” as her wedding song, if it all worked out.

So, naturally, I feel into a Google black hole to look her up. She had a somewhat unusual name, but I also knew her husband’s name and her college name. Anyway, 15 minutes later I found her. I was able to surmise that they were indeed no longer together. And that that girl who was a champion at holding a beer while unconscious is now a senior software developer at an aeronautics and security company.

Lesson 1: People who listen to Tori are smart. Second Lesson: Always listen to the lyrics.


Anonymous said...

From one Toriphile to another, thank you. Thank you. <3

Anonymous said...

You really need a 'like' button on your posts. /LIKE

Rizzoli Isles said...

So nice to see someone bringing back Tori Amos into the general musical conversation! She was brilliant then, and is still one of my all time fave individual artists. And you're right, its as much about the lyrics as it is the timbre/feel/tone of the song!

Erin O'Riordan said...

I don't listen to Tori Amos that often, but every time I hear "Glory of the '80s" I want to marry that song and have its little song babies.

egghead said...

Oh Tori. Thanks for the remind, Snarker babe.

Looking up peeps, that's cool. I have a 25 yr. friendship I still have and now I've got to find that first gf and that would be my 30 yr. friend found again.