Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Lesbian Bieber Nightmare Syndrome

On Wednesday, lesbians talk about Justin Bieber. The unavoidable pipsqueak douchnozzle (and also pretty racist) pop star was the topic of conversation of not one, but two lesbian celebrities who visited Conan’s couch recently. Why? Well, that whole lesbians who look like Biebs thing is no joke. As a result, we’re clearly haunted by his so-called similarities to us – it chases us into our nightmares, yo. Also, this is a really fun excuse to post videos of Kate McKinnon and Ellen Page talking about pussies. Granted, different kinds, but still.

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egghead said...

I would not ever, ever REJECT Kate ever, never. Please Kate, come by my cage!! Please. Oh wait I'm not really a kitty.