Monday, June 23, 2014



[Goes without saying, but still I have to say it: SPOILER ALERT for the “Orphan Black” finale]

*low whistle*

So, yeah. How about them cloned apples? I did not see that coming. Like, at all. Granted, I’ve been confused for about two-thirds of this season. But still, kudos for making my head spin at the every end there, show. Boy clones? Yeah, like I was saying, I did not see that coming. I was actually miffed that we might see another “Kira’s been kidnapped” cliffhanger at the end of this season. But, boy, they went a different way.

Aside from the surprise, I feel a little torn about this news. On the one hand, how cool. More twisty turny cloney crazytimes. On the other hand, oh dear. I am already super creeped out by Ari Millen and now that’s only going to multiply. Something about his face just *shudders*.

So here are five quick thoughts on the season:

1) Michiel Huisman (Cal) is the luckiest schmo on TV right now. He gets to make-out with Tatiana Maslany and Emilia Clarke. Sheesh.

2) I can’t decide if I should be in awe or in terror of Michelle Forbes (Marian). So I’ll just be both. Bring on more Dr. Bowles.

3) I couldn’t enjoy the clone dance party the first time around because I was SO FUCKING NERVOUS that something terrible was about to happen. But now that I know no one dies horribly, it’s one of my favorite scenes of the entire series so far.

4) Can we start giving Rachel eyepatch-related nicknames now. You know that (newly) one-eyed lady ain’t dead.

5) Very, very smart not killing Cosima, show. There is no fandom angrier the dead lesbian cliché angry fandom. Wait, that’s a lie, the lesbian sleeping with a man angry fandom is the angriest fandom of them all.

So, your thoughts on the season. Just relieved Cosima made it? Scared of the boy clone? Confused in general? Right there with ya. Dance it out, clones, dance it out.


Anonymous said...

did you also got the weird feeling that Delphine is dead? ..:(

Anonymous said...

I too am creeped out by Ari. Let's hope this will change a bit next season!

Anonymous said...

I had a hunch there might be male clones - but I was so hoping Felix would be the other clone!


TheWeyrd1 said...

Yeah...Ari does creepy very well. Love the video...

Anonymous said...

#3 yes! I didn't enjoy the dance scene at first either! I kept thinking Cosima was going to collapse.

and was that ghost Delphine she saw? How weird was that?

Orange said...

I didn't enjoy the dance scene too much because it just felt like the team showing us what they could do. And it's actually the only scene where I felt like i could feel the cgi. At every other time I'm far too into the story to wonder hwo they filmed it.

Tristen said...

Here is my question ... Does no one at the sinister Dyad company know where Felix lives ? Does Felix's place have a cloak of invisibility around it ? I mean come on ... Every time Sara and the others "run away" or have "secret meetings" it's always to that apt. How hard is it to bloody find ?? And how many people are these people going to kill and buildings burn down till someone notices ??

By the way ... Just because Dyad patent a cloning procedure does not mean they can own a human being even a clone. The cloning is an illegal act and no court would allow Dyad to own an illegal experiment especially when a human is involved.

I'm sorry, but this show is starting to get too stupid for me.

egghead said...

The mythology in this show is interesting. Leda and the Swan, the twins thing. What does it all mean? The Island of Dr. Moreau book is the cypher left by the now dead Daddy. The new clone dude is scary. And am I the only one who wonders how Rachel got so psychotic?

The best part of all? Still? And I really have to examine this and ask why, but I do love Helena ever so much. Best character ever, along with Alison of course. And I do love Sarah and even Rachel in her own way. (Not really.) SING LOUDER HELENA!

Kim said...

1. When we first found out about the military being involved in the cloning experiment... thought their motive had to be to create "Super Soldiers". So was wondering where the boy clones were.
2. Of course Dyad knows where Felix lives. Rachel sent Paul there to get his prints on the gun Daniel used to kill that cop. They also know where Mrs S. lives.
3. The dance scene was nice. But felt very CGI. The light & shadows were all wrong. And it felt like they where killing time instead of moving the story along.
4. And Rachel is psychotic because she was taken from the Duncans, put in a room in the basement of Dyad, and brainwashed/raised by mad scientist Leekie.

Anonymous said...

DELPHINE IS DEAD,she clearly said: I WOULD instead what everyone is saying I will never leave you!!!!

Anonymous said...

As one who's re-watched the final twenty minutes of the OB final more times than I can count, White Light Delphine very, very clearly says "I will never leave you" to NDE Cosima. So cut it out, Anon. Delphine isn't dead. And I'm just so happy the male clone isn't Paul.

maya said...

I can't help but be creeped out by Marian Bowles because Battlestar Galactica. (And Also Ari--but that goes without saying.)And I also was stressed out by the dance scene. I thought Cosima was going to drop dead. The last 10 minutes of the show I was planning my strongly worded letter to TPTB (still working through my Dana Fairbanks PTSD, but then she pulled through! Yay! Drinks all 'round. And now I can watch that scene over. And over. And over...I love the scenes that have the clones all together. My brain can not accept they are all Tatiana Maslany.

and @Tristen Cloak of invisibility...Ha!I was thinking the same thing about Felix's place. You'd think that Dyad wouldn't waste any time going to the place Sarah inevitably is and scooping her up.

*sigh*and now we wait another year...

Anonymous said...

So, Dorothy finally got to me and I just marathoned BOTH seasons over a couple of days - I was completely sucked in!

Now I am sad that I have to wait another year to see more! :-(