Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tank Top Tuesday: Tax Day Edition

Did you do your taxes? Do you still have to do your taxes? Tick tock. To make the day more palatable – because let’s face it even the most bleeding heart socialist money distributors among us don’t enjoy doing our taxes – here are a few little treats. Instead of staring at reams of white receipts, how about staring at some white tank tops. As Liz Hurley attests, this is the exact opposite of a flat tax. Ahem.

Christina Ricci
Christina Ricci
This makes me sad about “Pan Am.”

Amber HeardEvery time I see her, I have to remind myself that she likes girls – a lot.

Paula Patton
She should really be a bigger star. I mean, seriously.

Scarlett JohanssonA book and boobs a lovely, intelligent lady. My favorite.

Rosario DawsonThe saggy pants epidemic strikes again. Godspeed, Rosario.

Christina AquileraI still miss delightfully trashy Xtina Christina. But sassy judge Christina ain’t bad either.

Megan FoxForgive me, Internet, for I have sinned. I’ve posted another picture of Megan Fox on you. But, in my defense, tank top and aviators. Apologies.

Shania TwainI’m not really a country music fan. But who can be a music snob at a time like this.

Good luck making your peace with Uncle Sam today. I wonder if tank tops are tax deductible.


TheWeyrd1 said...

Thank you! I needed to start the final leg of my taxes with something other than taxes and legs...heh Well lady legs wouldn't be that bad, actually.

Redbone210 said...

Oh Paula! Why AREN'T you a bigger star? pant pant...drool

Anonymous said...

"let’s face it even the most bleeding heart socialist money distributors among us"

What the hell??? Darling?!! I fear those pyjama clad little fiends were a lot more beastly towards you than you let on at the time??? I shudder to think what shocking proclamations you would be letting fly had Marjorie and I not sprung you from that frightful jungle lair after 4 days???

Unless... Unless...

"Good luck making your peace with Uncle Sam today. I wonder if tank tops are tax deductible."

Ha! Ha! I knew it!!! A carefully planned and wonderfully executed little ruse to distract Rockefeller's goons, while you spirit any remaining funds off shore! Nice one Snarks!

PD (Durango may be my last name, but it could just as well be Discretion!)

PS Those ruddy goons ought to consider themselves very lucky! As lucky as that old Steinbeck paperback!

Anonymous said...

"This is the exact opposite of a flat tax. Ahem."

Darling, that is one hell of a line and I still haven't got my giggles under control!

Anyway darlings, for those of you not quite as wily as our old chum Snarks (what's wrong with you? did your mother drop you on your head when you were a child???) and thus are no doubt perspiring profusely over wads of papers and receipts as we speak... (You poor poor darlings! Take a break and mull over this; not one red cent of your hard earned income tax dollars goes on roads, schools, detox clinics and the rest of it! I wonder what (if any?) the military sees either?! No darlings, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but Rockefeller and his cronies take possession of damn near the whole lot!

"Nonsense PD! How can you spout such utter nonsense?!!"

I'll 'spout' even more darlings! Your income tax is unconstitutional and quite illegal! It is in fact a VOLUNTARY tax!


Still don't believe me, Russo, or all those reformed IRS Agents? Well, *you* go and find that (non-existent!) law that says you have to pay!!!

Do not mis-understand me darlings; I am not urging you not to pay your income tax. Much like a mafia protection racket, Rockefeller's extortion agents (IRS) are armed to the teeth and operate without regard to due process or the law (just ask Willie Nelson and so many others!)... No darlings, what I am advising is skillful (and lawful!) avoidance!


The Empress said...

A white tank and aviators...couldn't you have looked a little harder? Please? And found one of Angelina?

Try again?

Thank you.


tlsintx said...

Tax Day ain't so bad after all...

tank top dress said...

Every picture on your blog is like a chocolate sundae for my eyes.