Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Cast aways

So “Glee” is back in a week. After a seven-week hiatus, that show we love to hate, hate to love and all the other FEELINGS under the sun about will be back. And, odd as it sounds, I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this. These upcoming last eight episodes of the season have me feeling torn, once again. I’m excited – because, yes, I still enjoy this show that I probably shouldn’t. And I’m worried – because, no, this season hasn’t been the most consistent. And I’m anxious – because, dammit, I think the characters deserve a fitting ending for once.

I think in the end what I want – what I really, really want – is for the actors whose characters will be graduating and more than likely leaving the show after this season to be send off with respect. Say what you will about “Glee” and all it’s problems, and believe me – I have, the actors have done everything they can to please an often unpleasable fanbase. They know more than anyone (save maybe for the lowly TV recappers) how hard it is to keep a fandom happy.

I’d challenge you to find a more responsive, interactive, engaged and fan-friendly cast than “Glee.” Nor can you find a harder working one. Through three seasons, two concert tours, a movie and countless song and dance numbers, they’ve smiled through the insanity. Insanity like fake pregnancies, real pregnancies, near babynapping, near nosejobs, temporary stripping, temporary stutters, good outings, bad outings and so on and so forth. Plus they have done it all at bargain-basement prices by Hollywood standards. Because the vast majority of the cast was unknown before the show went on the air, most don’t have the biggest contracts or lucrative back-end deals. Yet you would be hard-pressed to find a cast that makes more for a network, while taking home less in their paychecks than those “Glee” kids. So I hope against hope that Ryan Murphy & Co. will finally do right by this talented group of shiny, happy young folk. Sure, “Glee” made them famous. But we wouldn’t love “Glee” without them.


frannie said...

Amen Sistah! I still love these guys dearly. But Ryan Murphy makes me nervous. I just don't trust him with them....grrr..

Anonymous said...

I hope they have a career after Glee. They will be thrilled to get away from the micromanaging psychotic boss they have but may end up nowhere as many of the people with real talent do.

Anonymous said...

Watching Glee makes me feel like I've given up these kids for adoption and now I have to watch as their adoptive parent (Murphy) screws them up.

Mandy said...

I watch with my bro and he always gives me weird looks when I tell him how much I worry about the actors. They're Hollywood actors and I'm but a lowly fan, but I find myself constantly hoping for their success in the future as well as now. I hope that they're saving their money in case, got forbid, they don't find as much success after the show. I hope for them to not get too caught up in the wild life. I hope and I worry more than I probably should!

It's as you said; these kids have worked their butts off and are so open and warm and thankful to their fans. I think that's what makes me wish for nothing but the best for them. I may not like all the characters, but I have sincere adoration for all the actors. They are half the fun if the show.

kilik said...

Amen to that. thou I'm not a die hard
Glee fanatic...Seldom you seen a star
like those kids who don't get in trouble just because
'They are Famous."

Brian should give them One last Hurrah.

Lisa said...

I don't remember a real pregnancy. Who? When?

I'm still a Glee dork despite the many ridiculous story lines. I look forward to the music and, I too, wonder what will become of these actors after Glee.

Can't wait until they return!!

Anonymous said...