Monday, April 23, 2012

Subtext Attractions

Few things are as quintessentially lesbian on the internet as fanvids. They are the precocious child of that original online lesbian staple, fanfic. But fanvids have stepped outside of their mother’s shadow to become their own unique entity. They are, quite simply, a force majeure. And they’re also a lot of fun. One of my favorites of along these lines are the mashup trailers. You know. And a few of my favorite recently bring some of my favorite ships together with a few of my favorite movies. Mazel tov, Internet, you make everything gayer.

Imagine Rizzoli & Isles

Bonus lesbo points for Dana Fairbanks appearance.

The Swan Queen Wears Prada

I am so behind on this show. Have they kissed yet or what?

The Big Naomily

That woman! Emily! That woman! Naomi! That fandom! Naomily!

The Glee Games

Please, you know Santana Lopez would dismantle the rest of the Glee Club, and then force a two-winner ending with Brittany by threatening to eat nightlock berries together and/or kill them both with the razor blades in her hair.

Droid Mountain

You always knew R2 and C-3PO were Brokeback for each other.


quietscheentchen said...

Oh my god, i am the person who created the Rizzoli and Isles/Imagine me and you awesome of you to mention it here....that totally makes my day, even more cause it was the very first video i ever made
thank you sooo soooo much :)
greets Bianca

egghead said...

And that Rizzoli & Isles mashup is great!! :D

Also, I love R2 and C3Po just a wee bit more now. sigh* <3

thanks Snarks!

egghead said...

P.S. Um, no they haven't kissed yet but blondie has declared war on Prada!!! lol ('bout time)

Anonymous said...

totally love the imagine me and you / rizzoli and isles mash -up! great job..

theragamuffins3 said...

Anyone watching BBC Sherlock? It's subtext as maintext. :)