Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Holy Kates/Cates

Boy, I had a shitty last night. And it’s carried over to be an unmitigated shitty morning. So today I just need a little pretty in my life. Please carry on. I’m sure all will be right as rain soon enough. Until then, please allow the holy trinity of Kate, Cate and Kate the Great to soothe us all into a better tomorrow.

Kate dressed in drag plying us with champagne? Yeah, see. Things are looking up already.


JellyManKelly said...

In the words of your lovely Fake TV Wife, "No, it ok! Don't be cry!"

Hope your afternoon shapes up to be better. Wonderful, even.

maya said...

I saw this book in Dog-Eared awhile back and it made me think of you:

If I was your GF I totally would have gotten it for you. ;)

Carmen SanDiego said...

Hope your day improves, DS
Actually hope your week, months, year, decade, everything improves

Anonymous said...

yo pense que verìa una foto de Kate Moennig U_U

Florence said...

Best.Post.Ever. Kate, Kate and Cate. How could your day not improve? (hope it did).

Patricia said...

shit happens! be resilient... and well, beautifull women always help!