Thursday, November 24, 2011

She's trying to teach me how to cook

I am not a good chef. I’m just not. I enjoy food, a lot. But my culinary expertise pretty much stops at “How do you like your eggs?” (Though, I am good at eggs. So, you know, feel free to stay for breakfast.) Still I do love watching other people cook, especially if those other people are hot ladies. So on this day of feasting in the United States, here is one of my favorite cooking scene pretty much ever. If learning to cook was always like this, I’d be well on my way to being a master chef. Happy Thanksgiving, all.

p.s. The only way that scene could have been better is if they kissed at the end, like they clearly wanted to. Idgie and Ruth, my first OTP.


shade said...

Love this pairing. And agreed.... having a cook like that does help with cooking skills :) for those of us who excel in eggs. Happy Thanksgiving to you Ms. DS!

Lucy Hallowell said...

Somewhere I saw an interview with the two of them in which they talked about how they considered this the sex scene in the movie and tried to play it that way since the rest of the movie was de-gayed.
(of course I can't find the video of it now)

Shannon said...

I love this movie and this scene was particularly adorable.

Another favorite movie of mine to break out this time of year is 'What's Cooking' starring the delicious Kyra Sedgwick and Julianna Margulies as a lesbian couple...

The movie revolves specifically around 4 households as they prepare for Thanksgiving.

The always fabulous Mercedes Ruehl and Joan Chen are among the women who play matriarchs in 2 of the families.

Shannon said...

A postscript to my comment... I'd be remiss in not noting the wonderful Alfre Woodard is also among the fabulous women in this wonderful movie, What's Cooking?

Also the fantastic Lainie Kazan.

Your friend, Rusty said...

This is the scene that sold me on Mary-Louise Parker as Ruth.

And I know the movie is a lot less gay than the book but believe it or not an early script painted Ruth and Idgie as unambiguously straight. GLAAD and Fannie Flagg fixed that as I recall.

And another bit of trivia about the film - the second major advertising push was for Valentine Day. I really wish I'd saved that ad from the LA Times - the iconic green tomato was heart shaped.

Kim M said...

One of my favourite movies. I only wish they had stayed faithful to the Fanny Flagg novel...but thats showbiz

egghead said...

Oh my, Idgie and Ruth. Legendary. Verklempt . . .

Along about the time that movie came out, I was trying very hard to do the Thanksgiving turkey thing. One Thanksgiving I completely dropped the entire turkey on the floor on the way to the oven, and then promptly had a total meltdown. Never again.

Anonymous said...

My my, that little scene certainly brought back memories, eh Snarks?!

I am sorry to hear your cooking has not improved darling. No matter, we all have our skills, and as I can well attest one of yours happens to be what has come to be known as ‘nyotaimori’. (Bloody Yakuza! I don’t care if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; that was *my* damn idea!) Between your body and my gastronomic expertise we certainly gave those stuffy blighters at the Belgium Consulate a night to remember didn’t we?! Although looking back, perhaps things would have turned out better had you not imbibed quite so much gin? I know, I know, I probably would have been just the same, if all that had stood between me and public humiliation were a handful of strategically placed vol-au-vents!

Those Japs may have pinched one of my ideas but they have yet to come *anywhere* close to our sensational, ‘Femme au Chocolat’! “Dip me in chocolate and throw me to the Belgians!!!” – damn you were *one hell* of a good sport back in the day Snarks! (Well, after a bottle and a half of gin at any rate.) Yes indeed, a fair few Belgians were heard giving *profound* thanks that night! Especially that hot little number (Monique was it?) from the typing pool!


Anonymous said...

“One Thanksgiving I completely dropped the entire turkey on the floor on the way to the oven, and then promptly had a total meltdown. Never again.”

Oh darling, you shouldn’t let trifling little impasses like that get you down! After all, you only dropped the damn thing on the way *to* the oven, not on the way *from* the oven! (Even I might have hit the gin there!) You should just have taken a fortifying slurp of your wine, dusted the damn thing off, and banged it in the oven as if nothing had happened! A couple of hours on a decent (one or two settings down from ‘incinerate’) heat will ensure any and all microbiological interlopers are well and truly seen off!

What do you mean you don’t have a cheeky wee glass of red standing by at all times? Oh you poor Americans, didn’t you get Keith Floyd?!

Just for you my American chums; Floyd cooking up some hot ‘Faggots and Peas’!


Anonymous said...

Those ‘Faggots and Peas’ set your taste buds off and left you frustrated salivating for more?!
‘A Farewell to Floyd’:

Ah, those were the days! Who needs that boorish foul mouthed lout or that bloody floppy tongued 'mockney'?! Give me a Floyd any day!

Carmen SanDiego said...

Happy Thanksgiving DS, I am grateful for your blog. Thank you for not sleeping so we can have posts.
And "femme au chocolat" sounds delicious. Cheers to that

Anonymous said...

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however, most of time, i don't cook.
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Happy thanksgiving,
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Ang715 said...

You just made my Thanksgiving, Ms. Snarker. I haven't seen this movie in years, but at one point in my life, I used to watch it every night. Probaby seen it over a hundred times. And still, it never gets old.

Althena said...

Miss Snarker, you've been holding out on us...thankfully PD came and dished a lil, now we want more! Feel free to elaborate how *cough* open u get after a bottle of gin. We're all ears :D

Spanglish in Lesbilandia said...

FGT is such a great classic. It never gets old.

Norma Desmond said...

I don't think I'll ever forget the time I had to explain this scene to my father... Though, I do think it put the rest of the movie in perspective for him, finally.

Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely, Ms. Snarker!

egghead said...

"What do you mean you don’t have a cheeky wee glass of red standing by at all times?"

Always. The deep red. Bit'o the wino then. (Could not keep up with all the empty bottles, so I made an art piece out of'em.)

"Oh you poor Americans, didn’t you get Keith Floyd?!"

He is favulous! Hellloo, gastronauts! I just watched his tribute video too. *sigh*

He beats the Julia Child somehow, although she did tickle a lobster once. Definitely. A tickle?

I'm sure Ms. Snarker is much more, shall we say, gentle, with the lobster.

P.s. always a pleasure reading PD's renderings here at DS. :)<--smiles&smores all around for the group, here, this Thanksgiving week.

Anonymous said...

i love the movie and the book. they are so great. don't really like tomatoes though. LOL

How to Give a Gift said...

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