Thursday, November 17, 2011

Liz + Leslie = Happiness

Do you know who I haven’t talked about in ages. I mean, really, AGES? My Fake TV Wife Tina Fey. As much as I’ve been enjoying the new fall TV season and some of its very promising additions, I can’t help but feel a little empty, Tina-shaped place in my heart. With “30 Rock” being delayed until mid-season, I’ve missed my weekly dose of Liz Lemon more than you can imagine. It’s not that I don’t love (love, love) the unbridled optimism and adorable competence of Leslie Knope each week. I’d be totally lost without at least a little Knope in my life. But I need the yang to that yin. I need me some Lemon. The sharply sour to all that smartly sweet. And now, as I mentioned earlier this week, the TV gods has seen it within their generous hearts to make my wildest dreams come true by programming “30 Rock” and “Parks & Recreation” back-to-back at 8 and 8:30 starting Jan. 12 on NBC. I’m already creating a “Do Not Disturb, I’m Lemon-Knoping” sign to hang on my virtual doorknob. Having Tina Fey and Amy Poehler properly together on the TV lineup means all is right with the universe again. It means two terrific comedies with two equally terrific examples of strong females who know how to bring the funny will be filling our lives for a solid hour each week. And with that, how about we get a little taste of what makes Liz and Leslie such perfect compliments to each other. Finally, my Thursday nights will be perfect again.

On Female Stereotypes

Liz on her period.

Leslie on every other stereotype.

On Food

Liz loves her Night Cheese.

Leslie loves her breakfast food.

On Bad Accents

Liz goes Jamaican.

Leslie goes cockney.

On Valentine’s Day

Liz likes oral.

Leslie likes gals.

On The Gay

Liz knows lesbians.

Leslie knows gays.

See, perfect. Hurry back to Amy, Tina. We’ve all missed you two together.


buddyroe said...

That lead picture? I laughed first, then stared at it weirdly for about a minute. I should not 'ship them and yet I can't seem to stop myself. Thanks for the morning funnies, DS.

Rizz Rustbolt said...

It's nice to get them both back. But it sucks that we're losing Community to do it.

maedchentraube said...

I totally cried from laughing too hard at those clips.
Thanks to you I'm going to get nothing done today because i'll be watching Liz lemon videos all day long, which means one thing: This will be the best day of my week

Amy said...

Ahhhh, my period!

Kirsten said...

Holy crap Dorothy, get thee to the Iron Chef repeats -- particularly Battle Sugar with guest judge Tina Fey! Please note that she sends a personal shout out to you that "peppermint martinis are the kind of drink that would sneak up on you and then you wind up with your shirt off." Which Ted then quips, "Oh no, not a Christmas!" or some other such thing. Ted, quit being a Grinch! Clearly you're missing what's on Dorothy's Christmas wish list!! So yah, I thought of you. :) Happy holidays!!

Kirsten said...

Okay, soooo, that Iron Chef battle is from 2007 and I only started reading your blog in 2009 you were. But a pleasant memory perhaps?