Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Delovely DeWinslet

Do you know who will never stop being delightful? Kate Winslet. I mean she’s almost so delightful it’s obnoxious. Like, “Ugh, delightful again?” But each time she speaks she has this lovely kind of nonchalant British charm that is just, for lack of a better word, delightful. Last month she was delighting us with her totally nonchalant acceptance of her son’s sexuality – whatever that may turn out to be. And before that she delighted us with her superhero exploits saving Richard Branson’s grandmum from a resort fire. But what really makes someone just over-the-top delightful is when she can be self-deprecating about just how delightful she really is. Like in her retelling her heroic feats during said fire. See for yourself.

I know. Ugh, so fucking delightful.


PatsyBailey said...

noooooooooo! video block!!! oh how I sometimes wish I was American, I really wanted to see this. Anyhoo, great blog (as always), I totally agree (as always). She rocks.

vrgriffith said...

Kate, Kate ,Kate. My favorite Kate performance was her playing herself in Ricky Gervais' show Extras. She had been nominated for the Oscar several times w/o winning by then. Her meta character does a rant about what she would have to do to win an Oscar-->including starring in a movie about the Holocaust. Hilarious!!

Of course, within a year she won for Best Actress for The Reader.

Rachel Weisz, Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet, 3 of the best actresses of their generation.

Anonymous said...

Oh, we adore Kate! Especially loved her in Eternal Sunshine. Great post. :)

hopshackles said...

@vrgriffith: also my favourite; I remember an interview with Ricky and Stephen that before the episode aired Kate was nominated (for another film) and they were both praying she wouldn't get it!

Also Kate as a nun is very very delightful...

Alice said...

love kate winslet! shes so cute! and not to mention that she looks like a real person and not a half starved waif like so many hollywood women :p

Anne said...

could you post a link for those of us outside the US?

I can't even see the source of your link to try and access it separately and I need to be overwhelmed by her delightfulness!

Anonymous said...


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;) babs said...

can somebody please post the international link to the video? - thank you!

Anonymous said...

I love Kate winslet (and your site) but why don`t you write sth. about, lets say, Elena Anaya, new spanish shooting star, beautiful - and gay:-)
I saw an interview about her new film (new in germany), the skin I live in, and have the biggest crush on her ever since!!

PatsyBailey said...

people outside the us! after not being able to see the video, I went on youtube to search the whole damn site, lol. And I found a clip that sounds very familiar to what dorothy describes ^-^ It's a preview for the latest graham norton show, in which she explains the situation. So try searching graham/kate and you'll be fine :D

Anonymous said...

I swear, I could watch this woman tie her shoe laces or read the phone book for hours and enjoy every moment.

Anonymous said... for international viewers Thank you PatsyBailey. And, yes, she's delightful.