Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What geekery is this?

True story: I loved action figures as a kid. I know, not to surprising given my overall continued tomboy tendencies. But I LOVED them. I could play quietly for hours, lost in my own fantasy world where my Han Solo figure bickered with my Buck Rogers figure and Princess Leia went ahead and rescued Superman instead. My childhood fantasy world was kind of awesome. But being a geek then was different than being a geek now. Now it has a cache. Geeks, like bowties – if you ask The Doctor, are cool. But then, geeks were geeks. So it’s with a slightly bemused sense of satisfaction when I watched all the pretty ladies clamor to get their geek on last weekend weekend at Comic-Con.

So in celebration of everyone’s inner and outer geek, here are some lovely ladies getting geeky. Geekery, it’s not just for geeks anymore.

Alyson Hannigan
Alyson Hannigan
Willow will always be my favorite geek. Always.

Anna TorvThese should be Special Agent Olivia Dunham action figures, but otherwise, perfect.

Lucy LawlessWhen lesbian subtext and geek fandom collides.

Anika Noni RoseSo this is kind of more of a “doll,” but Anika looks so happy to be holding herself it’s pretty geeky.

Meryl StreepThis is her “Fantastic Mr. Fox” figure. If there was a real Meryl Streep action figure I would buy two. One to keep new in the box and another to play with. Wait, that sounded weird. Good.

Elizabeth MitchellThese aren’t technically action figures either, but getting this excited about your cake doppelgangers is's adorageeky.

Yvonne StrahovskiAlso, not an action figure. But it’s a light saber. So, you know, even better.

Sarah Michelle GellarBuffy is using Darth Vader as an armrest. Your argument is invalid.

Felicia DayIf Felicia in a squid hat doesn’t brighten your day, then you are probably not a geek.

Natalie PortmanGeeks and politics, two great things that go great together.

Karen GillanNow that is how you play with action figures.

Britt Robertson, Maggie Q, Yvonne Strahovski, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jennifer Morrison & Anna TorvI don’t know who Britt Robertson is, but otherwise, GEEKGASM.

Check out the special Comic-Con issue of The Hollywood Reporter for more on Sarah, Anna, Yvonne, Maggie et al.


BioGal said...

This is supercute as always, but may I just say... Rizzoli and Isles! R&I talk subtext!
R: "...and, you don't want to sleep with me..."
I: *cute, suggestive head-tilt*
R: "...do you?"

This show is such a tease - I love it!

Norma Desmond said...

Actually, Tom Lenk, who played Andrew on Buffy, calls is a NERDGASM (which also happens to be the name of his new one-man show)... #themoreyouknow ... Anyway, I think my favorite is Streep, unshockingly.

sonje said...

OMG if there were an Anna Torv action figure... Um, I should probably just stop writing now.

Kristan said...

Britt Robertson is an adorable young actress who starred in the (sadly shortlived) CW show Life Unexpected, along with Shiri Appleby (from Roswell fame). Hope to see her in more stuff -- and sure, the geekier, the better!

Steph M. said...

Yes, Britt Robertson is a talented actress; she lit up the screen on Life Unexpected, which was a pretty poorly written show, sadly, and didn't know quite what to do with her abilities. She's going to be on the fantasy series "The Secret Circle" starring as a witch - thus the inclusion with the other actress in the photo spread.

Your friend, Rusty said...

That Felicia Day photo is even geekier than you think - I'm pretty sure that's a Cthulhu hat she's sporting.

Carmen SanDiego said...

Dorothy we could have had a playdate together. My Barbies turned into She-Ra and rescued other Barbies from Jason (Ken doll whose face I deformed with my mother's lighter)

Nox said...

Hah! Karen vs Matt... Karen wins (whoops sorry Dr Who fans) lol

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