Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Subtext & Recreation

Kittens, you know how I love me some subtext. For proof I give you the dark circles under my eyes and general lifeless pallor I have from staying up, again, until the wee small hours of the way too early morning this week writing the latest “Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (which is up at AfterEllen). p.s. Last night’s episode was The Gayest. Like G to the AY. So gay. In short, yay subtext. And while the Rizzles are my No. 1 Subtext Couple Friends, I naturally dabble in others. Unlike Fake TV Wives, which require the semblance of monogamy, Subtext Couple Friends are like real-life couple friends. The more couple friends the better. Each pairing can fill a specific need in your life. I mean, say, if Couple Friends A invite you to Easter brunch, Couple Friends B may have you over for Thanksgiving. Like I said, more is better.

So among my other Subtext Couple Friends, one of my most delightful duos is Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins. The pair from “Parks & Recreation” are wonderful for so, so many reasons. Hilarious. Endearing. Loyal. Real. Their friendship is among the best-written female friendships on TV. And, sadly, that’s another one of the reasons it stands out. It seems ludicrous, but so many shows still fail the Bechdel Rule, that require two women to talk to each other about something other than a man, week after week. So to have show like “Parks & Rec” where its lead uncynically embraces feminism and optimism and best friendism, well, heavens it’s refreshing. But, wait, weren’t we talking about subtext? Yes, ma’am, we were. So, right, Leslie and Ann. I think this video says it all. Ladies.

Can I get a witness? All aboard the Love Train to Knopkins Valley. And Amy and Rashida even seem to ship it, in an interview they gave to Elle magazine earlier this year.

ELLE: I’m watching a video of you two.
Rashida Jones: Are you watching our lesbian video on YouTube?
Amy Poehler: Yeah, it’s pretty funny. Someone put together all the scenes of Ann and Leslie and then put a Counting Crows song to it. It looks like Parks and Rec is a love story about two women.
ELLE: Are you guys hugging right now?
Rashida Jones: Actually, we’re spooning.

Look, now you have to ship it. You must. And if you don’t, I will draw a mustache on your face in your sleep. Don’t think I won’t because I will.

Love means never having to say you’re sorry for drawing a mustache on your best friend’s face.

p.s Major, major kudos to Buffyfan357 for the excellent, excellent “Accidentally in Love” vid (which YouTube pulled – boo!). I love it. LOVE.


Anonymous said...

Still there are NO clearly observable lesbian story arcs in any of the shows you've cited.
Everything G to the A to the Y is based upon "transference" via your imaginings.

"Kitten" you need to be addressing how "lesbians" are so desperate for representation in the media that we often resort to dysfunctional behavior, such as: Creating lesbian story arcs where none exist.

I mean really? Are You serious in your attempt to confused population of seemingly slow witted young women?

I thought that instilling abject confusion was the sole Domain of AfterEllen. Oh Let The Complaints reign down like "Manna" from the Heavens.

Smooshylooshy said...

Sometimes I think it's even more amusing when Anons are eloquent because then I KNOW they have better things to do than be fun suckers on the internet.

I'm pretty damn sure we all know Snarker is just having fun with such videos and Gayzoli recaps - not resorting to dysfunctional behaviour.

Now, wait. I just stated an opinion - does that mean I'm supposed to be Anon...? :)

Carmen SanDiego said...

I must thank you for going on and on about Parks and Rec. I caught a couple of episodes and now I'm hooked. Marathoning season 2 now
So, thanks for introducing me to a great show! I appreciate it

Norma Desmond said...

A.) I feel bad for people who are so starved for something to say that they can only piss on other people's parades. B.) I honestly never thought about subtext in regards to P&R. I assume I will now have trouble NOT seeing it. :P

Anonymous said...

When I was barely out of my infancy, my very first crush (I was even too young to understand it was a crush) was on Rashida's mother. I remember it was the only time I ever begged/bargained so I could stay up later to watch a TV program. So it seems entirely fitting to me that Peggy's daughter should be shipping their fake relationship.

Florence said...

That's weird because I've never seen them as a "couple" and trust me I'm never the last to ship two female leads who have some chemistry.
But for those it's just... nothing, they're just friends.
That doesn't mean that Accidentally in love video isn't awesome.

sonje said...

Dorothy, you got me watching Parks & Rec but what kept me watching it was the chemistry between Leslie and Ann, and I'm not talking about sexual chemistry.* I love them when they're on screen together, no matter what they're talking about. Their friendship seems so sincere. It is a refreshing change from what you see on TV usually, certainly between two women.

*I'd be totally okay if they hooked up though. ;)

Anonymous said...

who doesn't love them some ANN PERKINS

Kels said...

Dude! I accidentally drew a mustache on my friends face, and I had to apologize every day for a week!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE this video and I ship these two so much. Thanks for having it available since it is no more on youtube. And I'm a HUGE rizzles fan as well

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