Monday, July 11, 2011

American splendor

Not to be an unapologetic homer, but, um – USA! USA! USA! USA! USA! Right, sorry. I love you, other countries. But I REALLY love Team USA after that amazing, amazing game. It had everything. Bad calls. Really FUCKING bad calls. Last-minute goals. Really last FUCKING minute calls. Penalty kicks. Abby FUCKING Wambach. Hope FUCKING Solo. I said GODDAMN.I watched it in rerun late last night again and it was still so nerve wracking and so, so awesome. And in repeat you got to hear the announcer say, "It will go down as the USA's worst performance ever in the Women's World Cup" a mere 20 seconds before Abby Wambach blew up Brazil. How badass are these ladies? So badass. So in celebration of Team USA’s big win and trip to the semi-finals, here’s some bonus hugging each other with their legs in sportsmanship and all around awesomeness from our gals. America, fuck yeah.

Abby Wambach & Hope Solo
Team USA
This photo makes me happy in all the right places.

Team Badass USAWelcome to fist pump heaven.

Abby Wambach & Megan Rapinoe
Team USA
Hover power: Activate!

Ali Krieger & Christie RamponeClutch penalty kick game clinchers make for happy feet.

Hope MOTHERFUCKING SoloThanks to the beauty of this all-out, penalty saving stretch, you can see Hope’s navel piercing. What? I’m observant, so sue me.
Megan RapinoeHow adorable is she? So adorable.

Abby Wambach & Megan Rapinoe & Team USAThat’s what I call assaulting each other with your legs in sportsmanship.

Abby Wambach & Hope SoloI can’t be the only one who saw this and screamed “Kiss her!” Right?

Team USACuddle puddle.

Hey, who wants to watch Rapinoe’s awesome assist and Wambach’s beast of a header again? Yeah, we all do.

Now that, that’s what I call the beautiful game.


Anonymous said...

Great post and unbelievable match..
Hope Solo's eyes....please

Laura Allen Photography said...


Rachelle said...

Lol lol lol The girl is saving the penalty and you can't help but notice the piercing!!
I wish I had seen the game, though...

How different it is the feminine team compared to men. The football tradition is really different between men and women in the US...

Anonymous said...

AMAZING!! I still get chills watching that goal :)

bgcartist said...

It was Fantastic! Against all odds, they did it.

Chucks said...

HaHaHaHa you RinScoped her lol

I liked the Brazil team before this game but they showed really poor sportsmanship all throughout that game, and this in coming fom an unbiased Aussie.

But that game is why i love sport so much, all the drama and excitement and controversy and good guys/Bad guys you get from Tv/movies but all the better cos it's real!

Now that the Aussie team is gone i'm defnintly going for Abby Wom ... i mean USA now :-P

Sofff said...

Be prepared for a double dose of awesomeness wednesday ... you're gonna love our French Team too :)

Kristan said...

I screamed, scaring years off my poor dog's life, and I swear my heart stopped. Like, I had to thump my own chest to get it going again. Most amazing, unbelievable recovery EVER.

"And in repeat you got to hear the announcer say, "It will go down as the USA's worst performance ever in the Women's World Cup" a mere 20 seconds before Abby Wambach blew up Brazil."

^ THIS, LOL, YES. The announcers were pretty dumb throughout. They had the clock wrong! The last EIGHT minutes were "possibly the last play the US team will make." {rolls eyes}

And what that Brazilian woman pulled in the last 5 min of the game was complete crap. I had nothing against the team going in, but that killed any/all respect. In my mind, Wambach's goal was complete karmic retribution.

Also, I think Rapinoe deserves just as much credit as Wambach. She did an incredible job in the extra time.

Tom said...

I can't be the only one having flashbacks to the 1999 team, can I? All I can say is both those teams are incredibly badass. Just an astounding game and perhaps one of the best sports games of the decade so far.

Hope Solo, call me.

kasadilla11 said...

USA! USA! USA! USA! THANK YOU for sharing this amazing photos and that fucking amazing goal again with us. It's a full 24 hours later and I'm still shaking with rage and joy and wanting to scream "WAAAAMBAAAAACH!!!!" at my computer screen and the world in general. Wednesday's semi-final can't come fast enough, but... how can we ever top this beautiful, fucked up match?

folkpants said...

Best goal EVER!
I watched your reply five times I think.

God, these ladies...and tons and tons of mad swagger.

citizen spot said...

This was an awesome game. Have to give credit to them for having the perseverance to overcome some unfortunate obstacles. But I also have to say that Japan beating Germany was also an incredible game, as was the down to the wire PK shoot out between France and England. Looking forward to the semifinals. Not looking forward to the commentators continually calling shots on goal "on frame". That last defender with the gloves is not the "framekeeper", and when the ball goes into the back of the net, you don't score a "frame". That round metal tubing forming a rectangle with a net behind it is a GOAL, no matter how much you want to call it something else to sound trendy. OK, all you kids, get off of my lawn too. ; )

Anonymous said...

The game was incredible!! I had to ride my stationary bike to get rid of my nervous energy, so I'd stop pacing around the livingroom!

I knew Abby would score!! She WILLED that team to win!! The cross was beautiful too! And the PK kickd and saves!! Awesome game!!

I am a long time soccer fan and have watched the US forever. I loved the 1999 team but now I have a new respect for these band of players!!

Clarissa said...

I'm brazilian, but Hope Solo made ​​me forget my obligations to my country.
Yeah, she is breathtaking and a great player *-*

Mia said...

hey, from a portuguese football master (:p), congrats, solo was amazing with that save, too bad for the piercing (a total turn-off)


Anonymous said...

That was so awesome, it almost made me forget how sad my team (Germany) looked being kicked out of the contest by Japan. Now I really don't know who to cheer for if team USA and team Sweden make it to the finale ... But then again ... Ali Krieger ... ;)

Carmen SanDiego said...

I’m pissed because Brazil lost but the US deserved the win. I threw stuff at the wall when Wambach scored… So frustrating to lose like that.

Barbara said...

I love this post *almost* as much as I loved that game. and that is saying a LOT. I still get friggin' chills just thinking about that last minute goal. and these pictures? That video? They make me so so so so very happy.

Holy shit. I love this sport. And I love this US team. Here's hoping we keep up the awesomeness on Wednesday.

jenn levo said...

one word:

thanks again Dorothy.

sonje said...

It was the most amazing soccer game I've ever seen, and I've seen quite a lot of them because, unlike most Americans, I like soccer. I was on the edge of my seat from the 66th minute when they went down to 10 player right through till we beat 'em with penalty kicks. It was just... unbelievable.

I'm happy that the French also went overtime and to penalty kicks on Saturday. Hopefully that will keep things (somewhat) even because team USA must be EXHAUSTED.

sarah said...

Levo (commenter above) and I were in a Portland bar watching the game. It first started out as a couple of groups watching. But by the end, the bar was nearly full and everyone was cheering. We were SO excited to see our girl Megan come on the field and assist in the best goal. Overall, amazing game that I'm sure I'll watch several times.

Thanks for today's blog.

Anonymous said...


tlsintx said...

so fun fun fun..i have watched the vid of that goal a hundred times!!! eeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Most freaking amazing thing I've ever seen! I honestly had given up hope, and then Abby got that goal and I was jumping around my living room freaking the hell out!!! Truly one of the greatest games in any sport, ever!

Packrat said...

Team USA = Bunch of badass little Honey Badgers!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I'm in love with this whole post.

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