Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Vacation Vixen: Noomi Rapace

But I did not go to Sweden during any part of my vacation. Pity.


Solo said...

now we talking :)))

Bali villas said...

well Sweden is on my list of countries to be visited in Europe

Berry Rose said...

Noomi!! Thank you Dorothy :)

Anonymous said...

then, go next time, sweden will be there

like other nations.

people like to give meaning like

first person who climb k2 or whatever,

but if you think a little more, then

after all, it seems meaningless.

well, might use to promote i did that,

i did this so on, but you know, so what?

long time ago, other people might did that,

they just didn't record it.

i am not offense celebrate something,

like someone got gold medal from olympics,

that's great, but what's the worth you jump

higher than others or lift heavier things than

other people, and spend time for that?

some people cus they like it, i do encourage

people do what they like.

dc said...


Anonymous said...

what the hell is cocoro38 drinking? and can I get some ;-)

Kokkovirsi said...

Yeah, Sweden is nice!

I can be your guide :D