Monday, June 06, 2011

Vacation Vixen: Amy Poehler

No panda could ever be sad around Amy. Especially not a panda who is copping a little feel.


cocoro38 said...

i saw really funny comedy show last week,

they didn't upload every episode, so

i saw it the parts of whole season.

cocoro38 said...

amy just reminds me the comedy show,

she's not there, though, it seemed on air

very long time ago, but i don't know why

it feels so funny, maybe the characters in

the show feel little familiar?

somewhat i thought, when i saw the comedy show,

it's very well written, cus even some

topics that i might not like, the story

covered so i don't feel bad at the end of the show.

i think that's the skills. like it a lot.

Anonymous said...

It's just got to be Tina Fey in the panda suit!