Monday, February 14, 2011

Vacation Vixen: Rachel Weisz

I’m back in the Midwest this week to attend our family friend’s memorial. So this isn’t really a vacation, per se. But that won’t stop me from posting pretty diversions every day for your viewing enjoyment. Why? Because I care, but also because I can’t help myself. This week I’ve taken inspiration from all of your fantastic Fake TV Wives and will be using your imaginary spouses as my selections. Don’t worry, I’m not poaching – just appreciating. There’s no harm in looking at another woman’s Fake TV Wife, none at all. Especially on Valentine’s Day.

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Amanda said...

Happy Anna Howard Shaw Day!


LiteraryVice432 said...

And my exclusive fake movie wife is first up in the Vacation Vixen lineup! For the win!!
Of course, when people get to stare at Rachel Weisz everybody wins.

Unknown said...

Oh for the love of... whoever!

The Internet is trying to destroy my bad reputation today. I came back from work sporting a back stiffer than concrete and a mood that can only exist after spending 4 hours commuting in public transportation to get to and back from work.

And then here comes Frontierville (yes, my guilty mind-numbing pleasure) that accepted my pairing Fanny with Bess and gave me the most idiotic smile I can get without having my girlfriend hugging me in her sleep.

And then here comes Rachel Weisz (yet another guilty mind-numbing pleasure) that had me spilling coffee all over my keyboard. In a strictly non sexual way I might add, just in case my girlfriend is reading this.

I'm going to be smiling tomorrow at work. It isn't supposed to be that way. People will think that the chemicals are starting to affect me...

Big Shamu said...

Perhaps Fake Wife Fridays. I see a whole series. Like Food Show Fake Wives, Country Music Fake Wives, Political Fake Wives. The list is endless and the fighting over the lovely ladies could get devious.

Anonymous said...


what is this?

Kat said...

Snarker, you're the best and all that you do on the interwebs is greatly appreciated. I hope you know that. Keep up the good work.

P.S.: my fake TV wife is Karen Gillan. Please showcase that gorgeous ginger soon!

Anonymous said...

Hey DS, is there a way to turn Fake TV wives into a chart? also, i'm headed back there to repost as it turns out that i've made myself a mistress...twice :)