Friday, February 04, 2011

My Weekend Crush

Relax, relax, seriously, relax. Obviously, this is not that kind of crush. This is a talent crush, plain and simple. Because after belatedly seeing “True Grit” last weekend, I have become a true believer in Hailee Steinfeld. First things first, Hailee is 14. So, again, totally not that kind of crush. But at 14 she is already amazing. Child stars can be good, they can be great, but seldom do they exhibit the long-term potential as Hailee in their very first movie. Most child stars work because they’re convincing as children. Hailee works because she is convincing as a character. It’s not that she plays older than her 14 years, it’s that she plays as genuine. There’s nothing gimmicky, cutesy or dainty about Mattie Ross. She doesn’t smack of preciousness. Instead she is no-nonsense and knows who she is. She is as good a female character as you’ll see all year. Strong, smart, sensible, determined, driven, dedicated. By all appearances, Hailee is as well. And, because it bears repeating, Hailee is only 14 years old. So in 10 years, she’ll still just be 24. Hollywood’s future? Pretty damn bright. Happy weekend, all.


FASTTCR said...

For a moment when watching the movie last weekend, I wished I was 14 again so it would be okay to have that kind of crush. She will be the one that years from now many yoing lesbians mention when talking about when the knew. She is lovely, and 14.

Anonymous said...

This is not "That" kind of Crush. Considering the youthfulness of most of your followers, I'd surmise that you'd be perfectly withij your boundaries if it was "That" kind of crush.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

another reason to see True Grit. The Coen brothers' films always seem to have strong, significant female characters. thank you for the heads up!

Colleen said...


I can't believe that was her first feature film.

Mikroenjeksiyon said...

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Anonymous said...

good luck for hailee,

it's very difficult job to do acting.
you know have to study a lot,
think a lot, practice, so on.

like think about how to become
a great actor, not just looking at
movies, have to keep balance life
and the job also need to keep studying
general knowledge, read lots of books,
and taking dance and singing courses,
so on.

some actors said that it was difficult
after acting sad character than
happy one, to get out of the
character. so I think if actors have
some sort of life long happy hobby
then it could be helpful after the job.

Unknown said...

I'm with you 150% on this. Her performance in True Grit blew me away.

devlet said...

I can't believe that was her first feature film.