Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tank Top Tuesday: TV Time

Between the return of winter TV and the start of pilot season, so much has happened that I think we’re going to need to review the revised landscape with clear-eyed, in-depth, critical analysis. In other words, we’re going to review it with tank top.

Sarah Michelle GellarSMG is coming back to TV. If that doesn’t get you excited check your pulse. If you don’t have a pulse, look out for SMG because she may be coming to stake you. Old habits die hard.

Minka KellyShe’s one of the new Angels on the “Charlie’s Angels” reboot. If the show is a hit, will boyfriend Derek Jeter start playing for Anaheim as a show of solidarity?

Adrianne PalickiPeople agree on two things when it comes to David E. Kelley’s new “Wonder Woman” series. 1) They love Adrianne’s casting as Wonder Woman. 2) They hate the pilot script with a fiery passion.

Zooey DeschanelShe is going to star in a pilot for a project that had the working title “Chicks and Dicks.” It’s hard to think of a title with less appeal to gay ladies, unless you called it “Dicks and Dicks,” but then it’d be a reality show on Logo and I’d totally watch that with several cocktails and my best gays.

Laura PreponI really liked her better as a redhead. But then I guess you have to embrace the peroxide to play Chelsea Handler, and the vodka.

Anna TorvFringe is now on Friday, but mostly I just wanted to post her holding this gun. Mmmm.

Jennifer Beals“The Chicago Code” broke out the white tank top for the very first episode. It’s blatant pandering to the lesbians, and we like it.

Sarah Shahi“Fairly Legal” isn’t a great TV show or anything. But it’s fun and Sarah has showed up in her underwear. So, you know, sold.

Caroline Dhavernas
I stopped watching “Off the Map” for the same reasons I don’t watch “Grey’s Anatomy.” Doctors with personal problems (with or without borders) just aren’t my thing. But I still love you, Jaye Tyler.

Sofia VergaraNothing new is happening with “Modern Family,” but when you have a chance to post a picture like this, you take it.

So, what new TV pilot or show has your temperature rising. And, remember, please phrase your answer in the form of a tank top.


... said...

I love your tanktop tuesdays. <3

Anonymous said...

Less appealing to the ladies than “Dicks and Dicks,” would be:

“Chicks WITH Dicks,”

Anonymous said...

love it especially Jennifer Beals even so sad

Anonymous said...

re: Jennifer Beals/Chicago Code, glad she got to throw something (a coffee cup?) in the last episode - shades of Bette . . .

Anonymous said...

Winter is coming...in April. Lena Headey probably won't wear any tank tops in 'Game of Thrones' but I'll take her any way I can I get her!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thinking about Lena Headey makes me stutter...

Anonymous said...

can I just mention how much I love all the Anna Torv photos. I mean seriously, please don't stop!

Anonymous said...

Tank tops and Ana Torv...? Yes please, minus the pistol: not as necessary with Canadian lesbians.


Anonymous said...

Tank tops and Ana Torv...? Yes please, minus the pistol: not as necessary with Canadian lesbians.

I could use her help with technology -- clearly! sorry for the double post.


Faith_88 said...

I've been trying to come up with an phrased answer... But I couldn't. First of all, after seeing not one but two pics of miss Summers in a tanktop, my mind switches to ufvcsdvsdwlef....fbajfbw... That's all I could come up with for a while. After that, I tried to find a few pics to underline my attempted comment, but did you know? If you google 'Jessica Capshaw tanktop' 90% of the hits refer to this page? And none of them actually display JC in said tanktop. Yeah, one with her mum. Damnit. Anyway... Yeah, I can't wait for SMG to hit the small screen again!

Anonymous said...

Ms. DS

thank you for the today's posting.

looks won~der~ful!!

have a nice day~

should I put sincerely yours here?

maybe you're my pleasure?


tlsintx said...

I love Anna Torv, but not that icky lipstick. ew!

I'd like to get it off her myself...all by myself... :)

canyoubesure said...

Hey, Anonymous at 4:06am: actually, a lot of lesbians have dicks.

Jennifer Aniston's New Haircut 2011 said...

Very cool pics indeed - but have you checked Jennifer Aniston's new Haircut ??? Do you Love it or Hate it ???

Anonymous said...

Jeri Ryan, in ABC's upcoming Body of Proof, or Mortal Kombat. (The geek in me that loves her as Seven of Nine and the rest of Star Trek: Voyager tells me I'm looking forward to MK far, far more. Because she gets to be badass Sonya Blade.)

The woman is practically impossible to find in a tank top (via Google) in any recent fashion, so strapless will have to do.