Monday, November 22, 2010

Girls do make passes at girls who wear glasses

So, I still can’t stop thinking about those smart girls. If there is one accessory that almost automatically adds points to a woman’s IQ, it’s a nice pair of glasses. Give a gal with glasses a book (particularly a book about kissing, like Mia Kirshner above) and be still my big nerdy heart. Now, as some of you might remember, I’m a glasses wearer. I wear contacts most of the time, but I’ve always got my specs on in the evening to write and watch TV and hang about the house. As a kid, I wore glasses full-time – big clunky things that for some incomprehensible reason covered more of my cheeks than my actual eyes. Seriously, were we trying to look through some heretofore unknown fourth eye with those enormous hubcap lenses in the 80s? Back then they used to say “Guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses.” But that was before the whole sexy librarian thing really took off. And now, well, I still can’t speak for the guys, but this gal sure likes making passes at girls who wear glasses. In particular, these gals. No need to take your glasses off and shake out your hair, ladies. I mean, feel free to shake out your hair, but definitely keep the glasses on while you do it. Here’s looking at you, four eyes.

Mary-Louise ParkerBig brown eyes behind big brown frames make my knees weak, instantly.

Cate BlanchettBlue eyes behind blue frames ain’t half bad either.

Shirley MansonOf course, gingers can wear whatever color frames they want.

Angelina JolieAnd then sometimes you don’t need any color at all, just the world’s most expertly arched eyebrow.

Anna TorvEverything in this picture works for me. Glasses. V-neck. Ponytail. Laptop. Books. Heck, I even like the lamp.

Padma LakshmiEverything in this picture works for me, too. Plus, I know Padma could cook me an amazing dinner afterwards. And then we’d talk shit about Tom Colicchio.

Sarah ShahiNow that’s what I call a nice pair – of glasses.

Helena Bonham CarterThis whole ensemble is crazy. But crazy good, not crazy Bellatrix Lestrange.

Rachel MaddowOh, to have her look over her Clark Kent glasses and talk dirty, dirty politics to me.

Tina FeyOh, please, like I wasn’t going to include her.

Marlee Matlin & Jennifer BealsThis is them, the insane hubcap-sized glasses we used to wear in the 80s. Of course, they look fine on Marlee and Jennifer. Whatever, I’m not jealous. Though, we probably shouldn’t talk about the hair.

Oh, and one other sexy thing about glasses? When things get steamy, so do they.


Anonymous said...

oh ms snarker, that picture of the Maddow! I want to look like that so much it hurts.

In Asia everyone wears glasses, so they don't have that same hotness. However, I am a geeky glasses-wearing book-loving lesbian nerd, so I usually beg to differ.

AZ said...

Jennifer Beals at a conference seated in a chair wearing a red dress and librarian sexy glasses. To die for!

AZ said...

Jennifer Beals at a conference seated in a chair wearing a red dress and librarian sexy glasses. To die for!
Can you find the pic that I'm describing?

Jules said...

I guess I wasn't the only one who enjoyed Fauxlivia wearing glasses!

cee-cee said...

AZ said-- I remember that picture of La Beals! It was taken at the corporate meeting where she and IC were pitching the birth of "Our Chart" as THE new social media platform/wave of the future. 'Nuff said, other than I do miss TLW....well, certain parts of it, anyway.

Anonymous said...

It's only fitting that you would take a Dorothy Parker quote and use it like that. "Men seldom make passes/ At girls who wear glasses" is one of my favorite short poems by Mrs. Parker. Ms. Snarker, I adore you.

Sophie T said...

AZ - She's not in a red dress but here you go.

True story said...

This is not to say that these women aren't attractive or anything... but I do dislike the stereotype that glasses wearers are for some reason smarter than the non-wearers. I know you were joking, it's just... crazy how people make that weird assumption all the time.

I'll take Ms. Tina.

Anonymous said...

really? whole day?
It seems like big window..
means look heavy.

my guessing is that,
probably they made it like that big
cus they want to cover wide vision,
so make sure people not only looking at
small spot.

later, they might learn, people can move their
neck to see another spot, so it's okay to make
it small.

but I'm not sure, just guessing.

have a great day,
it was fun to know.

Norma Desmond said...

I don't know why lesbians love glasses so much, I only know we do. Just what I needed on a Monday so full of fail (for which I blame you, since I watched Lip Service this weekend instead of doing any of the things I was *supposed* to do).

vrgriffith said...

After repeated exposure on this blog and watching the Mark Twain Awards I think that I love Tina Fey.

We're just going to have to fight for her.

great pics!!

Anonymous said...

As much as I love the women you chose to shine a spot light on in this glasses related post (well, all except for Angelina Jolie) how could you forget the almost-always-wearing-glasses Ingrid Michaelson?

Anonymous said...

Personally, as a glasses wearing, broad shouldered survivor of the 80s, the shoulder pads were more troubling than the hair. I spent the decade taking scissors to both. Lordy, with shoulder pads in shirts, jackets, and overcoats I looked like a linebacker without really trying.

Anonymous said...

i agree with everything you said.
oh god. shirley manson. mmmmm

Anonymous said...

Would of loved to of seen Stephanie March in there aka Alex Cabot and the glasses of justice!

Anonymous said...

Agree with AZ
Jennifer Beals is so sexy in glasses

Anonymous said...

ok.. how could you forget the glasses of justice.. Alex Cabot???

Anonymous said...

I wear big, bold, and beautiful glasses, what you call "1980s-style" frames, even to this day, because they look sexy, make me see very well, and the size makes the glasses fit properly.