Friday, November 12, 2010

My Weekend Crush

I don’t watch “The Good Wife” on a regular basis. I’m more about watching the front end of the law (crime procedurals) than the back end (legal dramas). But I have caught the show on occasion and marveled at the cool, calm and calculating customer that is Kalinda. Those knee-high boots, those mini skirts, those leather jackets. Yum. Her mystery and sexual ambiguity only adds to her allure. Is she, isn’t she? Well, after this week I’d say she definitely is. Also, let’s be honest, that kiss was fucking hot.

The revelations about her past with Donna (played by my eternal favorite Lili “Joe Lies” Taylor) pealed back an interesting layer to the Kalinda mystique to show us something we’ve almost never seen on her. Panic. Beneath those immaculately arched eyebrows flashed panic at revealing something, losing control. Fascinating stuff. And it was all expertly played by Archie Panjabi, who should have a hell of an Emmy clip reel to submit while going for the repeat. It’s not often you see someone who can be elegant, inscrutable and bad-ass all at once. But she pulls it off with style to spare. Just whatever you do, don’t let her near your car. Happy weekend, all.


Morcegos no Sótão said...

I'm still watching the 1st season of The Good Wife, but it's an amazing show and I'm delighted during most minutes of the episode.

I particularly love the female characters, because their so well-wounded, so strong yet fragile, so intelligent... It's news on modern TV, it really is.


shajac said...

cYour weekend crush is a wonderful pick, she is one of the reason I watch the show. Thanks! And yes the kiss scene was hot!

Anonymous said...

An excellent choice, and my personal favorite these days. Archie Panjabi brings so much complexity and subtlety to her role. Plus, she's ridiculously hot; she's like catnip lesbians.

Panjabi is one of the main (though definitely not the only) reason for The Good Wife's excellence. Seriously, folks, this show is fantastic stuff. Strong female characters all around -- Kalinda, of course, but also Julianna Margulies' Alicia Florrick, Christine Baranski's Diane Lockhart, and a multitude of others. Plus, there's the gay goodness of Alan Cumming! And a rotating, diverse cast of brilliant stage and screen actors.

Panjabi rocks my world these days, so many thanks, Dorothy, for this superb Weekend Crush pick.

V said...

That photograph of Panjabi is perfect. It so speaks of her. Really liking The Good Wife. So what do we think Kalinda's secret past is about?
Any guesses?

Shannon said...

I'm a big fan of both The Good Wife and Archie Panjabi as Kalinda Sharma.

This is IMHO one of the best written and acted adult dramas on TV right now and the chemistry between the cast, especially Archie and Julianna is fantastic.

I have been a big fan of Archies since seeing her in 'Bend it Like Beckham' and 'A Mighty Heart'. I also love the fact that she counts among her friends Angelina Jolie whom she thanked after winning her Emmy this past year.

An excellent choice for 'weekend crush' indeed!

Panty Buns said...

Yes, I'm hooked on "The Good Wife" now and agree that kiss with Kalinda was really HOT! I would love to see her surrendering to her lust for women at greater length.

K & J said...

I LOVE this show. I find it very addicting and can't wait until each Tuesday when it comes on.
Love the post....Kara XOXO

Vikki said...

I watch the show for Kalinda. She is an incredible character and Archie Panjabi is perfect in her portrayal. She is the hottest character on TV.

Anonymous said...

Oh Dorothy you maka me so hahppy. i was wondering when you were gonna write about my sexy Kalinnnda. And Lili Taylor is Expert casting. I'm still hot from the kiss scene. hey did anyone notice the scene was reminiscent of the bette-tina dance club kiss? yeah baby.

Shay said...

A Say Anything reference! You have no idea how excited this makes me. I still know Lili as Corey. :)

Anonymous said...

I love it when Lili Taylor kisses women!

artzgrrl608 said...

You finally caught up with my only reason for watching this show!

tlsintx said...

what would we do without you Dorothy Snarker? yum, indeed.

I've loved Lili Taylor since Mystic Pizza..yay!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of confused, what she is doin.
Is it her car? how do you know exactly
where are things that you're looking for
if it's not your car?

she seems like exactly know where it is.
I'm very unfamiliar with the drama,
I think I saw her at the first time.
actually, there are so many actors out there.
very confusing who was who.

thanks for the posting,
have a nice weekend!

Soul Searching said...

I was wonderring when you'd get on the Panjabi train... She is one bad ass lady. Last season CBS tried linking her with Jill Flint, which is another hottie, but they didn't go through with it :(

Anonymous said...

she definitely can destroy my car anytime if she leaves me that same kiss