Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tank Top Tuesday: Country Gals

I won’t lie, I’m not much for country music – particularly contemporary country music. I grew up in an area where a large chunk the school listened to country music with Skoal rings in their back pockets. And most of those folks wanted little to do with the nerdy little Asian girl with glasses. So, no, there are no “Nothing runs like a Deere” caps in my closet. But now, thanks to the great healers known as time and distances, I can appreciate that other people may love and enjoy country music. Sure, the only contemporary country on my iPod right now is the copy of Chely Wright’s “Lifted Off the Ground” out of lesbo solidarity. But thanks to country gals’ penchant for tight jeans and even tighter tank tops, I totally understand how many a gay gal could swoon.

Jennifer NettlesToo bad she didn’t bring along former Sugarland member and gay lady Kristen Hall for tank top support.

Carrie UnderwoodA girl, a dog and a tank top. God bless America.

Hillary ScottThank you for the tank top. Please stop making my radio station play “I Need You Now.”

Taylor SwiftI actually interviewed her a couple of years ago and she was lovely and gracious and composed. So she can spin whatever fairytale she wants in my book.

Miranda LambertWhen her set came up at Lilith Faire, I took a beer break. Instead I ended up glued to the big screen from the bar ‘cause darn it if that gal didn’t have tons of spunk.

Faith HillRemember when she told a fan not to grab her husband Tim McGraw’s junk from the stage? Good times.

Natalie MainesDude, with that haircut and that tattoo and that tank top it’s like a five-alarm gaydar fire up in here.

Gretchen WilsonRedneck women ride big-ass bikes.

Reba McEntireWristcuffs? Now they’re just taunting us.

Shania TwainWhat? I’m sorry, was I saying something about not liking country? I couldn’t remember on account of the passing out.


Norma Desmond said...

Not a huge country fan either, but dammit if those ladies don't just look the GAYEST. AmIright?

Anonymous said...

Love Tank Top Tuesday today, but I confess I'm a huge country fan and adore most of those ladies anyway. Makes me seem kinda weird in England but what they heck.
And I'm off to Nashville next month to see Garth Brooks

Anonymous said...

Shelby Lynne's also one to rock (or, uh, country) the tank tops! :)

Anonymous said...

About damn time that Jennifer Nettles shows up on your blog. She's my one-and-only. ♥

Anonymous said...

love love love Jennifer Nettles, she's just so adorable!

AZ said...

OT- When does "Lip Service" play on the BBC channel?
I watched the first episode and it is different than TLW b/c the storyline is coherent.

betsey said...

Thank you for this:)

TheWeyrd1 said...

What!?! No Terri Clark!?! Who, btw, pings the gaydar hard!!! Also, I agree that Shelby Lynn in a tank is missing too...heh.

Colleen said...

I did a triple take and had the check the date of your post when I saw Chely Wright at the top of your page. I don't know much about country music, outside of the days of Dolly Parton and a few mainstream Garth Brooks hits. But I saw her here in NYC last week at Joe's Pub (out of lesbian solidarity) and fell madly in love with her story, her music and her. She looks mighty fine in that tank top. Well done, Ms. Snarker.

Anonymous said...

do I know them?
seems familiar but actually,
one person I think I saw somewhere,
but I don't know them.

do they all sing?

thanks for the posting,
I visited yesterday? the other blog,
what makes me amazing, people
still do posting.

I'm kind of lazy, never keep doing that,
you know like some people really write
everyday diary during like 50 years, nah~
anyway, I think DS you are kind of like that
labor people. I'm not actually lazy, but
just can't do that.

aperture8 said...

Another what?!? comment: Where's Jo Dee Messina??

Check out her "My Give a Damn's Busted" video for lots of tank top footage, ;-)

Other fun Jo Dee videos: "Bye Bye;" "Heads Carolina, Tails California;" and "I'm Alright." I also like her cover of "Lesson in Leaving." (She even sounds good when she has to stop the song to cough: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eqnaAB0JEQ ) <--More tank top action there, too, ;-)

Coincidentally, the CMA Awards are on tonight...I wonder if that's why we finally got a country music post? ;-)

No matter...Many thanks, DS, for this Country Gals Tank Top edition!

BTW, Reba sang her cover of "If I Were a Boy" tonight. I've always felt that she's been trying to tell us something...hmmm. And itt's too bad that they didn't invite Chely to sing tonight, but I seriously doubt that that'd happen any time soon. (Sigh.) On the plus side, Miranda Lambert is a blast to watch, and Taylor Swift surprised me (it's the first time that I've seen her on an awards show / heard her singing).

OK, gotta get back to watching--gotta watch Sissy Spacek and Loretta Lynn!! <---50 years of great music are packed into that country gal!

Making Space said...

Love Reba!!! Total class act. More of a fan than a wakalawakala sort of a thing though... but still. Anything Reba brings a smile to my face.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really a fan (anymore) of country music, but Terri Clark sure got my attention with the cover for her album "Life Goes On." She seems to wear tanks quite a bit, based on a Google Images search.

sarah said...

I'm late to the party but I wanted to say "ditto" about Terri Clark. The "Life Goes On" album cover is mm-mm-mmmmm.