Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Top this

Do Padma and I have your attention? Good, because it's time for “Top Chef,” biatches. Today the cheftestants pack their knives and head to the Big Apple for the premiere of season five. That's right, it's Padma & the City. This season has 17 (yes, 17!) chefs battling for the title. But don't worry about remembering everyone's name, previews make it seem like the chopping block comes quickly. Apparently someone gets pykag-ed in the Quickfire Challenge.

But who do we care about the most? You guessed it, our only chefbian, Jamie Lauren.

Please say hello to the San Francisco executive chef with the kickass tattoos and badass attitude. Well, I'm not sure about that last bit. But from this preview, she does like being in charge.

And just in case the tattoos and the hands shoved decidedly in pockets weren't enough to trip your gaydar, please behold some of the shots from her Top Chef Photo Diary.

What more can we expect from this season's cheftestants, lesbian and otherwise? Um, if these pictures from the premiere are any indication, lots of tank tops. God, how much do I love this show?

[Click any and all to enlarge]

Fine, so that last gal isn't wearing a tank top, but she was the last of the ladies so it felt unfair not to include her.

So, ladies, the only question now is are you ready for some mmm, Padma, mmm? Oh, and wear a bib – you're drooling.


Pugs said...

Do the producers intentionally look for a lesbian chef or is that a certified lesbian profession?

pyewacket said...

Okay, so here is what happened and in what order.

I read "Top this"...

scrolled down a bit (so to speak) a full visual of Padma in all of her glory...

and then the blood that was once nicely in my brain went south...

and I am still trying to recover at the moment.

(It took me 3 tries before I could type recognizable words to form sentences.)

Am I ready for Padma?

Ms. Dorothy, is there really any way one can ever be fully ready for Padma? Ever?

The Java Junkie said...

Can't wait for tonight's show! Woooohoooo!!!

Scrumhalf Connection said...

I love this show and am glad it keeps coming back!

I miss Workout as well, but don't want it to come back if Jackie is going to just chronicle her *ahem* relationships.

Thanks for the post!

Big Shamu said...

Ready and fully loaded for Moose!

(what?? wrong state? geez, ok)

Ready and fully loaded for Snark.

My only wish, let this season be an Asshat Free Zone.

The Java Junkie said...

We're hosting a live chat in honor of the Top Chef NYC premiere and we hope that our dear Ms. Snarker will join us! All are welcome!

cocoro said...

thank you for the post.

Dawg said...

Love the tatts ... tanks ... titts