Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Magic Wanda

Reason No. 1,000,001 that Saturday's National Day of Protest was awesome: Wanda Sykes. By now you've probably heard it through the gayvine that Wanda came out at the rally in Las Vegas. I mean, we may have known before, but we didn't know know. You know? But now, well, now everyone knows. I've always loved Wanda and her wicked, wicked sense of humor. Few things can make me howl like her withering insults. Really, they're an art form. So in celebration of Wanda making it official, here are a few of her gayest moments. And by gay, I mean gay. And not just the happy kind.

Wanda Comes Out

Wanda on Prop. 8

Wanda on Gay Marriage

Wanda on That's So Gay


pyewacket said...

For me, Wanda is a hilarious comedienne...a great character actor along the same line as Thelma Ritter, who could steal a scene with a single comment or an eye-roll...so this is just the cherry on the sundae. Good for her.

Pugs said...

I had never heard of Wanda Skyes until I started hanging out on gay websites a couple of years ago. Today, I finally watched her in action thanks to the videos Ms. Snarker posted. Thank you for introducing me to Wanda. She is incredibly funny, snarky and brave.


rhyfeddu said...

She's the high priestess of snark, so of course Ms. Snarker would recognize her! ;) But now she's out and proud - double plus good!

Her bit on Ellen was hilarious. "Ohh, it was "Soul Train"! We never should've let you watch it!" :D

I like pyewackets comparison with Thelma Ritter. I hadn't thought of that - pretty accurate! :) Both sly and dry.

"Let's get us our damn civil rights!" Yeah, Wanda!!

Anonymous said...

Did somebody already say it and I missed it? If not,


(you know you want to sing the theme song and lift your arms so that you can fend off bullets with your bracelets!)

Keeeerst said...

I absolutely love watching that video of Wanda coming out... makes me all happy and glowy inside lol

Had never seen the Ellen vid before, hilarious! And I love her stand-up about gay marriage as well.

I actually want to watch Monster-in-law right now... she's the best thing in it!

WordNerd said...

I'll confess -- I had no idea she was gay. No clue. But I was thrilled when I heard. She's fan-fucking-tastic.