Saturday, November 08, 2008

And TLW winners are...

Wow, the week got way away from me what with the big win and the big loss and the big life, liberty and pursuit of happiness thing. But I have winners, big winners, of The L Word DVD Giveaway. Thank you ALL so much for entering and supporting 8 Against 8. While we lost this one, we will not give up. One day we will win.

So here are the lucky winners, courtesy my good friend Random Number Generator Thingie:
  • Stephanie
  • Amy
  • Kennedyismyhero
  • Julia
  • IrishFingJew
  • J School
  • Shari
  • Leesh
  • Pyewacket
  • BJ

These would be some good ladies to get to know if you're looking to have a TLW watching marathon one weekend. Tell them you'll bring the popcorn. Works every time.

p.s. The extreme tardiness of this winners post should tip you off to the fact that I am wayyyy behind on just about everything. So if you were kind enough to have emailed me in the past two weeks, please take heart. I am not ignoring you. I have (and I am not kidding) 125 emails waiting patiently for me in my inbox right now. My apologies. I promise to get back to you soon...or soonish.


TechGirl said...

There was a give away?

Leesh said...

Oh yay! :)

J School said...

Woot! Today has just been a great day, first I booked my tickets to Germany, then I see an e-mail saying I won LWord. Thanks for making my day AWESOME!

J School

p.s. It J School definitely has it good moments.