Monday, November 03, 2008

November is for lesbians

Now, I don't know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with November. On the one hand, I love it. It's my birthday month. It's still fall. And it has loads of lesbians on TV. On the other hand, I hate it. I turn a year older. It's almost winter. And it has loads of lesbians on TV. Wait, when did lesbians on TV become a bad thing? When they're on TV in November, just in time for sweeps month.

Oh, sweeps, those two times a year when TV is filled with big stars and lesbian kisses. Heck, sometimes it's even filled with big lesbian star kisses. This month is no different. Already we've seen Callica consummate on “Grey's Anatomy” and Reese propose to Bianca on “All My Children.” Doctor Feelbad “House” was apparently a little, um, overexcited about his lesbian content because last month's episode with Thirteen's hot (though ultimately disappointing) girl-on-girl action came premature for sweeps.

But the month isn't done delivering The Gay. First on Wednesday, “Bones” forensic artist Angela reunites with her college fling Roxie. Turns out they dated for a year in art school. Ah, L.U.G. love. Though, clearly, some residual feeling still exist since they're totally working the lesbian twin look.

As for their reunion, well, it involves murder and naked portraits. Gosh, isn't that always the way with exes?

Then on Nov. 13 say hello to Melissa George as the new bisexual intern Sadie on Grey's. Producers have teased that she has a “history” with our fair narrator herself, Meredith. I doubt it. But photos like this, clearly, are meant to make us go hmmm. Meredith's face says no, but Sadie's forearms say yes.

Which is where the conundrum comes in for viewers like us. Look, we know this is all just an obvious, desperate (not to mentioned clichéd) ploy to prop up the ratings. But we're totally still going to watch. How can we not? When you're used to crumbs, any stray cookie that gets thrown your way will seem like a feast. And, to be honest, it's not all bad.

The Callica storyline has been one of the more thoughtful and nuanced lesbian/bisexual storylines I've seen on mainstream television in recent history. Last week, in particular, Erica's revelation – in both the figurative and biblical senses, ahem – was just about as poetic and heartbreaking an illustration of that light bulb moment as you can put to screen.

You are glasses. Wow. More stuff like that, please, November.


;)) said...

since I don't know the exact date:


Anonymous said...

生日快樂 dorothy :)


Labrysia said...

Happy birthday, whenever is the right day ;-)

Lezlie Mac said...

Yay for the November ladies (that includes me :D)

The "I'm so, so, sooo gay. I'm extremely gay" line was heartbreaking and as realistic as it gets, for a change. Can we get a Brooke Smith Crush ?

Anonymous said...

Wohoo! on November birthdays!!!!

slacker said...

Awww...that's so sweet. The overwhelming need to merge coupled with the overwhelming fear of the overwhelming need.

Being someone who had a similar trees...and to other things...that scene feels real.

I'll be okay missing the sweepsbians, though.

Happy Birthday, whenever.

Rituximab said...

...I had that *exact* same tree-leaves moment at 14... but about being short-sighted, not being gay ;-).

Anyone else have fear of the dreaded 'lesbian stalker' at the end of that scene?

Sarah in Chicago said...

Happy Birthday D, may it be a wonderful day :)

Oh, and as to the Callica scene ... that was sooo beautiful, and any queer out there completely recognises that moment when it becomes like "oh".

I actually had a straight friend of mine message me the next day after the episode aired and asked if that bit was overacted.

I told her that while for most of us it tends to be a tad more internal, but since they can't really do that on TV, yeah, that speech is pretty accurate to how one feels, as it totally makes you see your whole world, current, past, and future, with completely new eyes.

Go Erica with your gay self :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

ah, happy birthday ds.

hope you happy, and healthy.
thank you for all the posts
and your hard work.

Lori said...

yeah happy birthday and can not wait to see what happens Thursday!!!

Nelfy said...

I have a hate/love relationship with november too - I feel like my birthday is too close to christmas. not that I could do anything about it, but still *shrugs*

yeah, I'll even take pregnant lesbians over no lesbians at all, that's how desperate I am. I *loved* Erica's speech, so amazing! I can't believe that Callie just walked out on that...

ames said...

Oooooh, that's Grey's clip was heartbreaking. The analogy, though - PERFECT. I wish 80% of the grey's characters didn't irritate the hell out of me, because I would have loved to have seen this develop. (I know it's all out on youtube, but it's different when you're watching the show as a regular viewer and this comes up, versus going out there and looking for it.)

Meh to Meredith, though. She's not remotely cool enough to be bi.

jennifer from pittsburgh said...

The other night while we were watching Grey's I suddenly blurted out, "Don't leave me here, you bitch! He's crazy!". And Caty was all, "Wha???". And I said, "Hahn, the actress playing Hahn is the chick down the well in 'The Silence of the Lambs'.
This non sequitur moment brought to you by the letter Q and the number 13.

Vikki said...

I just read that Brooke Smith was fired and her last episode airs this week. Wow. What a shocker.

poserhead said...

Is this true? Noooooo......

squeebs said...

aw, shit. they canned Hahn? now what kind of birthday gift is that for our Dorothy?

sorry, doll. as a collective, we'll think of something awesome for you. now what are you going to wish for when you blow out those candles, hmmmm?

TechGirl said...

My girlfriend and I meet thru an online site for Frankie and Binks (AMC) over 6 years ago. I'm so glad Binks is back with a real relationship. You might say I have a soft spot in my heart for All My Children. ;)

Thanks for sharing with us Dorothy. :D

TheWeyrd1 said...

Sheesh...Hahn gone!

On a nicer note...Bianca and her gf/fiancee were totally rocking the make out sceneSSSSSS today!

;)) babs said...

OMG WTF they fired brooke smith!!!