Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Wedding of a Decade

Well, how about one last very good thing to end this very insane year? Just in time to become a contender for Lesbian Wedding of the Decade, USWNT stars Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris got married. The couple, who has been dating since the basically the start of the decade closed it out by making Krashlyn official. Of course, at the start of this decade they couldn’t have made it official, because same-sex couples weren’t able to legally marry. Now that’s progress. And their wedding was attended by a bunch of their out teammate and former teammates (Hey, Megan! Hey, Abby!), looking mighty gay. And that’s also progress. So, mazel tov to the happy couple.

p.s. Did I mention there was rainbow wedding cake? Because there was rainbow wedding cake.

p.p.s. Lesbian Wedding of the Decade, or Lesbian Royal Wedding of the Decade?

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Carmen SanDiego said...

Our athletes are the cutest! Loved that video
Congratulations to the happy couple!