Tuesday, December 03, 2019

The Look

With “The L Word” coming back, the unabashed portrayal of female desire – that is women desiring other women – is back on our screens. And while the show definitely starts with a wham, bam, tampon ma’am, the act itself isn’t all there is. Far from it. In fact, one of the sexist parts of sex is the seduction. Especially when you can see the desire in her eyes. And then there’s The Look. Oh, you know The Look. You love The Look. The Look is definitely one of the Top 3 reasons to get out of bed in the morning. Especially if The Look looks you up and down. I just... *bites lip forever* So here, in honor so The Look being back on our screens, please enjoy some classic looks.

Wendy & Kay, Mindhunter

Anne & Ann, Gentleman Jack

Villanelle & Eve, Killing Eve

Ronit & Esti, Disobedience

Fleabag & Belinda, Fleabag

Therese & Carol, Carol


Helena said...

Carol Aird owns The Look , but the others are also most welcome :)

Carmen SanDiego said...

She’s got the look nananananananana...
Thank you for this wonderful gift of gifs

Anonymous said...

Oh Gentleman Jack has so many examples
of The Look!!! *swoon*

Vegas Deb said...

There are women whose eyes lock momentarily in bars, across crowded rooms, in the street and, though they are strangers, they recognize each other. They go through that female summing up thing, the subliminal eyeflick, the quick look from shoes to haircut, and for a second their eyes meet. I could be friends with you, they think. There goes a fellow smoier, drinker, slut, slag, domestic failure, neurotic, whatever they think. A fellow traveler, a soul mate, they think. Sometimes they leave it at that, a moment's wondering and speculation. They do not act upon that look and make friends. But sometimes they do.