Friday, September 21, 2018

My Weekend Crush

By my count since the beginning of time and modern motion pictures we have had five major standalone female superhero films. “Supergirl” in 1984. “Catwoman” in 2004. “Elektra” in 2005. “Wonder Woman” in 2017. And now “Captain Marvel” coming in 2019. By comparison, we’ve had like 5,000 major standalone male superhero films – just in the Spider-Man franchise alone (kidding, kidding – there have only been 2,500 Spider-Man films).

So it feels good to get excited about “Captain Marvel.” We deserve this feeling. We’ve waited a long time for this flush of power and excitement. It’s like, my goddess, is this what dudes feel like all the time? Like they can fly and shoot pure light energy out of their arms/eyes/hair?

And Captain Marvel is giving Themyscira a run for its money in the content relevant to your queer lady interests. Let us count the ways.

1) This is the “Top Gun” reboot we deserve and demand.

2) Her whole 90s lesbian cap/leather jacket aesthetic.

3) Her cat/alien pet Chewie makes a cameo in the poster.

4) She plays softball/baseball.

5) She will happily hit an old lady. (This isn’t gay, per se, but it does fill me with glee.)

6) Her name is freaking Carol. I mean, come on.

In conclusion, bring on March 2019. Happy weekend, all.

p.s. Anyone else find a striking similarity between this goosebump-inducing stand-up sequence and Buffy’s iconic “Are you ready to be strong?”-speech? Yeah, I thought so, too.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Although I am incredibly excited for this movie I am also hoping I don’t have to watch the entirety of the MCU movies In order to understand this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Hit Parade of White Women

Luna said...

Don't the Tomb Raider movies count?