Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Carol-entines Day

Dearest Kittens,

May someone flirt with you as boldly as Carol Aird flirts with Therese Belivet this Valentine’s Day. Or – alternately or concurrently – may you love yourself as effortlessly as Carol Aird lifts herself off the floor. But, seriously, that’s serious gracefulness goals. Have a great day filled with love and a possible rewatch of “Carol.” Hey, it couldn’t hurt.

Ms. Snarker


Helena said...

Just the perfect Valentine message and great idea too. Have a happy and love filled day Dorothy xxx

Anonymous said...

Carmen SanDiego said...

Have a great Valentine's Day and night, DS

Anonymous said...

Yeah if I were Carol in that scene I probably would've tripped,fallen and then army crawled over to Therese:) Happy Valentine's Day!!