Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Mind Torv

Kittens, I am kind of disappointed in you. Why did none of you tell me Anna Torv was in “Mindhunter?” And why did no one tell me Anna Torv was (you should really stop reading if you don’t want to be spoiled about a slow-reveal plot point – I mean it, this is your last chance) a lesbian in “Mindhunter?” I feel like the whole thing was an epic fail of the usually reliable Big Lesbian Phone Tree.

I’ve been a fan of Anna Torv for almost 10 years. I first started watching her in “Fringe” and then was delighted to realize she also had a very memorable arc on the original U.K. series “Mistresses” (very, very memorable). And then she kind of went away and I almost forgot about her almost. And then this where I rediscover her on Netflix’s new beginnings of serial killer profiling FBI series “Mindhunter.”

What I’ve always liked about Anna is the unshakeable competence she projects. She just seemed so capable. Like you knew she meant business and was not to be fucked with. Also, she looks freaking amazing in a well-tailored dress shirt. What I’ve also liked is how totally OK she is with making out with ladies on screen.

Like, say, on “Fringe” in a Weird Science-y kind of way with a Mila Kunis-lookalike.

And on “Mistresses,” in an OMG-unbutton-those-buttons kind of way with Shelley Conn.

After binging the entire season of “Mindhunter” over the weekend I can highly recommend it to anyone who likes crime dramas, psychological thrillers and loosely historical period pieces (the period in question being the 1970s). It’s essentially like watching the origin story of “Criminal Minds.”

Unfortunately the series’ only deeper delve into Torv’s character, Dr. Wendy Carr, is relegated to one episode (No. 6, to be exact) where it is revealed that she is a closeted lesbian. We also get a few minutes of screentime with her girlfriend and fellow professor, played by the inimitable Lena Olin. Then, poof, it’s back to the boys.

Since “Mindhunter” has already been renewed for a second season we can only hope the show allows its one prominent female character to have as much of a rich on-screen internal life as all the men. Or, at very least, they’ll tell us what is going on with that mysterious laundry cat.

So, thoughts? Have you watched? But, seriously, whose job was it to call me on the Big Lesbian Phone Tree?

p.s. Apologies to Waffles who, indeed, did give me a heads up a while back about the gay lady action in Mindhunter. If only I had listened sooner.


Anonymous said...

Lesbianing with Lena Olin?! *squeeeee*
Thanks for this, need to go and start up my Netflix ASAP

Waffles said...

(I think I mentioned it in one of your comment sections!)

Carmen SanDiego said...

I think I remember waffles bringing it up

Shasta said...

Way to bury the lead about Lena Motherfucking Olin!!! Ohhhhhhh..... Did anyone else watch Spymommy doing push-ups in her cell over and over again?

Shasta said...

Et voila! Lena Olin and her triceps.
Tank Top Tuesday anyone?

Florence said...

I watched Mindhunters and by episode 3, I had already guessed Anna Torv's character was a lesbian. The thing is, they did nothing with it: the writers just give us a clunky 3-minute scene with her partner (Lena Olin) where it's clear that these guys have no idea how women talk to each other, let alone women who are in love. And then, nothing. Instead we see Anna Torv feed some cat. Why? What's the point? Ugh.

Liquid Lilac said...

Ooh yes, I remember Waffles' comment. It was the only reason I looked up the show and Netflix. Here's Torv's take on the whole laundry cat episode:


Liquid Lilac said...

Forgot to add: Doesn't Anna Torv look like a young Cate Blanchett? Someone who agrees with me needs to cast her in a Carol prequel. 'Adventures with Abby' or somesuch.

Vicky said...

You're right! I had the same thought! :-)