Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Amazonian Fail

If you every wondered if it matters who gets to tell stories, look no further than the new costumes for the Amazons. You remember the Amazons, right? Fierce warriors of Themyscira who are tasked with defending the world against the evils of man. They ride horses and shoot arrows and swing from ropes and kick all of the ass. Remember? And to do that they need sensible yet attractive battle armor, right? Right.

Well, not anymore.

Say goodbye metal breastplates and hello leather bikinis in the new “Justice League” movie. Now we’re not talking about their lounging around Paradise Island clothes here, which in the “Wonder Women” film also tended to be leather and midriff heavy. At least makes some sense given the Mediterranean locale. We are talking about what the Amazons actually wearing into battle with their swords and their bows blazing. Can you spot the difference above in “Wonder Woman” at left and in “Justice League” at right?

Here maybe it helps if I tell you who was behind the Amazons.

On your left: director Patty Jenkins and costume designer designed by Lindy Hemming. On the right: director Zack Snyder and costume designer Michael Wilkinson.

Like I was saying, it matters who gets to tell stories.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Can Gal Gadot add Michael Wilkinson to the list of people she won't work with along with Brett Ratner? Because that is a crime. Ugh, men...

Anonymous said...

I know this is an mainly entertainment blog but what the Republicans are trying to do with this Tax Bill is flying under the radar because of all the harassment allegations and the Trump/Russia stuff going on. Nearly a peep from anyone regarding the repeal of the individual mandate and the cost of this thing? Pulling money from Medicare and Medicaid ?? 1.5 trillion dollars and the tax cuts expire after 10 years ? This is politcial suicide that can damage our nation for a generation. Wake up America !!