Thursday, November 16, 2017

Gender Fuck Thursday

Look, admittedly we live in confusing times. Men can’t seem to figure out when it is and isn’t appropriate to masturbate in front of terrified/revolted women. A 14-year-old girl is a perfectly good dating prospect if you’re a white Republican would-be senator. And the president calls hostile world leaders with access to nuclear weapons “short and fat” because of course he does. But one thing there should be no confusion on is that Hope Hicks in a tuxedo is not a good thing. Granted, Hope Hicks in a tuxedo is empirically not a terrible thing. It fits her nicely and I always approve of women in what has been traditionally considered menswear, always. But, alas, she is a woman in a tuxedo who works in service of an evil toddler who treats women, POC, LGBTQ people, Muslims, immigrants and anyone who isn’t a rich white man like absolute shit. So yeah, Hope Hicks in a tuxedo is not a good thing. But do you know what there should also be no confusion about? Allison Janney in a tuxedo is a very, very, very (very, very, very) good thing. In these confusing times cling to what we hold most dear. Thank you, Allison. We all needed that.


Waffles said...

Wow she looks like Melania in that photo. Given the rumors of her relat with DJT, not surprising, I guess.

Carmen SanDiego said...

Oh thank you DS, I needed that.
By the way I started watching The Good Place because of you and you were right, it's so good... thanks again!

AK ALASKA said...

That is a Lauren Bacall moment (first glance thought was Thanks For The Retro) but AJ makes it even better!
P.S. loved her work in Masters of Sex. Wow, what a dame!