Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Ask Anna

Guess what? Tomorrow I have an interview with the always lovely Anna Silk tomorrow morning. We’ll be talking about the final few episodes of “Lost Girl,” which began airing this week on Syfy. I know many of you have already seen the series – thanks to your friends in Canada/The Internet. So I’m opening the interview up and taking your questions for Anna. Whether you’ve seen the final episodes, whether you’re watching them for the first time. All questions will be accepted. I’ll try to get as many answered as I can, because after all we’re all just fans together. And this is a way for you to also thank her for five years of being, well, just lovely. Pitch me your questions below. I’ll take them until 9 AM Thursday morning (Pacific Time). Ask away, faebians.


LG fan said...

Where do I start? Are the girls real? What's next for her? Are her and Zoie friends outside the show? What was the best/worst part about making out with so many people on the show? What does she miss most about the show? Has she ever had a cool car like the one in the show? Who was her favorite person to make out with? What was her favorite weapon? Does she work out to look that good?.... I could go on.

TotallyNatS said...

Comparing her first day to the last day on set, what state of mind was she in/what were some of her predominant thoughts and feelings on those particular days?

Which of the expectations and hopes she had at the start of the series came true during these last 5 years and which didn't?

Does she still have any unanswered questions about Bo and the Fae world/ any unsolved mysteries she'd still like the answer to?

Now that the series has ended, does she feel a little like a "lost girl" herself or does she already have specific plans for the future and a ton of new projects lined up?

And the usual: which prop or set piece did she take home as a keepsake and was there something else she would have liked to take with her?


I hope you find a question you like and deem adequate up there... and I'm sorry for my English (not a native speaker). ^^

Nat, from Germany

netcrazycp said...

Thank you for the incredible job you did with your character Bo. Lost Girl was an awesome show with such an amazing cast.

Was it tough playing such a strong kick-ass character and would play a character like Bo again?

How was it working with such an amazing and funny cast for five seasons?

The cast of Lost Girl seems to remain close - I love how they support each other's projects and causes. Is there a chance we could see you
working with any of them in the future?

Congratulations on your success with Lost Girl and to your upcoming addition to your family. I wish you all the best.

Misnglinke said...

Thank you so very much for bringing Bo to life in a such a wonderful way. Lost Girl wouldn't have been what it is with any other actor as the lead. A silly question, simply out of curiosity: What types of fan mail do you get and do you ever respond?

Old Ain't Dead said...

What kind of role are you looking for in your next project?

Panty Buns said...

OMG, what a treat! I follow First of all I LOVE Lost Girl and would love to know everything about @Anna_Silk and also everything about @ZoiePalmer @RachieSkarsten @KseniaSolo @evaugier and who feels what for whom (if that's not too personal). I love all of them, and follow them all on Twitter. I love the love scenes with Bo and Lauren (of course). I've only watched the first four seasons so far (three times), am dying to see season 5, and would be sorry to see it be the last one. And of course Id love to know if there will be chances of her appearing in any future projects with Zoe in addition to knowing what other roles might be upcoming for her.